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How to Get Unstuck and Moving Toward the Life of Your Dreams

A Pivot Point is a key decision point – a choice point – where we can continue to move along the default and unconsciously habitual Line of Fate or choose to become something new -and more of who we are meant to be – and move upward on the Line of Destiny.

In 3 powerful learning modules, 13 lessons, over a dozen exercises, and one very powerful visualization, Vanessa leads you through how to:

  • become Aware of what needs to change and what it needs to change into
  • shift into the mindsets of success that will open the way for powerful and magical moments of Kairotic opportunity, and
  • give you the strategies and tools you need to ensure that you don’t slip off of the Line of Destiny and back into the Line of Fate

In other words, she’ll show you where your target is and help you stick the landing so you can quickly begin to manifest the life of your dreams without that awful feeling of losing momentum and ending up back where you started.

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This course is part of The Seasons of Success, along with HARVEST, Replenish, PLANT, and GROW.