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Discover Your Goddess Voice Master Class

Pre-Work: Listen to the Goddess Voice Master Class that kicked off the Goddess Voice phenomenon. 2 hours of training that will knock your perception of reality for a spin and show you how to market in a way you’ve never even considered – a way that works because it puts you in your power.

Includes a powerful meditation where you will meet your Goddess Voice.

Praise for Empower Your Goddess Voice:

“Before EYGV I really struggled to write content and copy that powerfully articulated the benefits of what I do for my clients. Vanessa’s grounded insight helped me pinpoint the magic that I actually use to help women transform their relationship with money. She helped me define who I want to be in my business by helping me connect with my hypersigil. My hypersigil’s perspective gives me the language I need to communicate with clarity, strength, and purpose to attract my ideal clients.”

“I love working with Vanessa. She is so present to my needs and doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is…”

“This is probably the most impactful course I’ve ever taken, at a fraction of the price of what I’ve invested in other courses.”


EYGV: Goddess Voice Master Class – Solo

Length: 122 minutesComplexity: Standard

We look at what a hypersigil is and how to use it to increase your power, peace, and joy. We finish with a powerful meditation where you meet your Goddess.