Hey there! Are you ready to step more fully into your role as a powerful business owner, world-builder, and generational chain breaker? Ready to feel flowing, congruent, excited, and focused? Ready to get serious about getting the life + business you dream of? Then you’re in the right place…

How to Get Unstuck Now + Moving Toward the Life of Your Dreams

Creating REAL Change

REAL Change that makes a difference – in your world + the whole world

REAL Change … that lasts

The TRUTH About Why You’re Not Getting To Your Goals… and How to Step Into Your Destiny

Are you happy with where you are right now? 

Are you satisfied with your money? Is it flowing 

Your health? Your relationships? Your business? Your heart?

maybe you want to see change in ALL of those areas, or only a few…

maybe it’s going okay but you’re pretty sure

there’s more and better that you just can’t seem to tap into

Maybe you’ve asked yourself… 

Why can’t I seem to change? 

Why am I so stuck? 

Why am I not making the money I need? or 
Why, when I can SEE IT SO CLEARLY,
can’t I be the person I need to be to get to my dreams?

y’know those moments when success seems

to dance off the tips of our fingers and

we know to our core that if we could

just stretch a bit further we could grab it?

yeah, that.

I get it, it’s frustrating – and scary! – to know that you’re meant
for so much more but to stay caught on the hamster wheel of struggle and ‘same old, same old’. 


It hurts when our soul and spirit are crying out for more but we just can’t seem to make it happen.

Well, what if I told you that there’s ONE thing that can help you to change your current situation and get moving now? 

One thing that we need to do BEFORE all the goal setting and Law of Attraction work and vision boarding that we’re told to do – those things that do work (yes, even if they’ve never worked properly for you in the past!!!) when we do them in the right order. 

What if you’ve been missing this key step:


Imagine this… what if you were able to suddenly turn your dreams into reality? 

What if you were able to show up powerfully as the YOU that you’ve always known you truly are? 

To manifest, create, and live the most extraordinary life you ever imagined?

and I know you’ve imagined it…
you’re here to help build a new world, right?
Right! And that means that you’re my kind of person

What if you felt you had the power to make change happen whenever you wanted and in the direction you desired?

Hey, Vanessa Long here. I’m an author, trainer, and executive coach. I’ve helped countless business owners transform their personal and professional lives through my life purpose and goal-getting programs and retreats.

My mission is to help people see how much more is possible than they ever dared believe – and then to help them get there.

Master Coach Vanessa Long
On the patio during a VIP Day lunch break, doing the work I love most… changing someone’s neurology and life.

For the last several years, I’ve made my full-time living working with real people to change their lives – and the world! – in the most meaningful of ways.

What’s it like to coach with Vanessa? I’ve got someone in my corner laying out a system that works and that I can repeat over and over. I have a genius at clarifying my message, encouraging me that my work is important, that I need to be bolder, more visible, and showing me how and where!

I have longed for this kind of coaching support for all the years of my business. I’ve had more people sign up for this launch than ever before. And we are just warming up the engine.

Carla S.

I am celebrating having a sacred space to explore all the different things that I bring to the table in my business. We started from a high-level overview and then went down into the details and finally pulled it all together into something joyful and fun.

Grace S.

My Own Personal PIVOT POINT Out of the Abyss

I love the work that I do now but, just a decade ago, I was deep in the abyss and not sure who I was meant to be or if I had the potential or power to ever reach my dreams.

I knew I wanted to help and I knew that I wanted to be happy but I had no idea how to do either… and I doubted that I could actually make it happen. My body was shutting down and grief had taken over my life.

I kept trying to change. I was seeking answers and I looked to every trick, tip, and technique I could find to get things moving and start manifesting what I could see in my mind but that was nothing like reality.

It was exhausting.

After a lot of false starts, and a lot of mistakes, I finally found the key for me to heal the past, learn from everything that had happened, and move toward my dreams with passion and a whole lot of power. 

And, after years of refinement, and using these tools with my 1-1 and Mastermind clients,
I’ve created a cohesive system to share them with you:

 The Seasons of Success Cycle

The Seasons of Success are how we go from stuck to flourishing.

These days, I live in my beautiful shanty by the sea, waking up each morning to stunning sunrises.

I work with a global clientele of powerful entrepreneurs and world-builders who are crafting the lives of their dreams in a thousand different ways.

Living my dream by the water… while helping others live their dreams.
Does it get any better than this?

I’ve learned that each one of us has a different dream.
Each one is a unique facet of the whole. 
They all matter and they are attainable. 

We just have to be willing to follow the steps to unleash our power and focus toward what we really, really want. 

And we have to do it with full alignment – what we call Cellular Congruence.

Ok, so listen, you’re sitting at your computer, or maybe on your phone, and you’re reading this today for a reason.

Something in your life isn’t right, and you want more.

I totally get how that feels.

And you’ve heard how this works: we have to create a Pivot Point to move from that old path on the Line of Fate to the new path of our dreams and desires on the Line of Destiny.

Creating a Powerful PIVOT POINT is all about moving from Fate to Destiny.

And you know it’s possible to turn your dreams into reality, shift from how things have always been to how you want them to be, and become the very best version of YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.

you’ve caught glimpses of this in your own life and you’ve seen other people pivot, seemingly on a dime – you know it’s possible…

So, let me ask you… does that sound like something you’d want to start to take action on? 

Because right now you have the chance to grab a roadmap that shows you exactly how to make this shift in your own life.

Today, I’m excited to be able to introduce you to my
BRAND NEW system,

The Seasons of Success Cycle

How to Use Seasonal Energetics
to Build the Life of Your Dreams 

It’s a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to move from the path that you’re currently on (the Line of Fate), and onto the path that leads to your dreams (the Line of Destiny).

And stay there.


Season after Season. Year after Year.

No more roller coaster.

No more quick fixes that fade away.

Y’see, here’s the thing.

REAL Change? REAL Success?

They’re not a one-time deal. 

They’re a HABIT.

It takes time for head-knowledge to move down into your body and become a way of life. To go from ‘knowing’ it to knowing that you know in every cell and fibre of your being + living it every day.

To become the Unconscious, easy to do, happens all the time, kind of habit that allows you to focus on your dreams while knowing that your Unconscious Mind is taking you forward in the direction you want to go.

So… instead of creating a quick mini-course or easy 3-step freebie that might give you a quick hit of inspiration but not create lasting change, I’ve gone for something different.

Radically different. I’m being totally straight with you.

REAL change takes work. It’s a process.

You’ve got to learn how to do it in your own life.

I’ve created a SET of courses – a full toolbox – that walk you through exactly what steps to take and HOW to build them into your life so that you can stay focused on – and moving toward – your dreams, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Without burnout.

I have no doubt that this is my life’s work and I have been led by the Divine every step of the way in their creation. It has been an amazing journey of trust, surrender, and stepping into more of who I’m meant to be.

It has created transformational change in me and my world. I show up differently now than I did just a few months ago. Everything has shifted.

Even though I resisted. It’s been inevitable.

Destiny, y’might say.

Let me introduce you to my new family…

Here’s what we cover in The Seasons of Success

We start with
Creating a Powerful PIVOT POINT
Steps 1-3 of the
PowerHouse Success Cycle Checklist:
Awareness, Acceptance, + Anchoring

A Pivot Point is a key decision point – a choice point – where we can continue to move along the default and unconsciously habitual Line of Fate or choose to become something new -and more of who we are meant to be – and move upward on the Line of Destiny.

In 3 powerful learning modules, 13 lessons, over a dozen exercises, and one very powerful visualization, Vanessa leads you through how to:

  • become Aware of what needs to change and what it needs to change into
  • shift into the mindsets of success that will open the way for powerful and magical moment of Kairotic opportunity, and
  • give you the strategies and tools you need to ensure that you don’t slip off of the Line of Destiny and back onto the Line of Fate

In other words, you’ll see where your target is on the Line of Destiny, make the leap, and stick the landing so you can quickly begin to manifest the life of your dreams without that awful feeling of losing momentum and ending up back where you started.

Module 1: Awareness

Become aware of the powerful Kairotic opportunities for change all around you and learn how to use them to shift your life.

In Module 1, we’ll…

  • learn what a PIVOT POINT really is and why they need to be a regular part of your self-development,
  • become Aware of precisely what needs to change and what it needs to change into,
  • get clarity on what isn’t working and the energetic toll it’s taking on you,
  • understand the Lines of Fate and Destiny and what it takes to pivot from Fate to Destiny – and why it’s so rare to make that change, and
  • shift into the mindsets of success that will open the way for powerful and magical Kairotic opportunities.
Module 2: Acceptance

Dive into the Universal Law of Responsibility and feel the power that comes from deciding that you’re in control.

In Module 2, we’ll…

  • see how your beliefs run you unconsciously and learn how to make the unconscious, conscious,
  • open our hearts to what it really means when you run into ‘difficulties’ and life seems to be really hard,
  • how to trust and flow so we don’t get crushed when life happens,
  • embrace the Law of 100% Responsibility,
  • learn why you have to choose between being power-full and being a Victim, 
  • wrap our hands around the difference between ‘away from’ and ‘towards’ motivation strategies, and why you need both to succeed,
  • see how to win at the game of life, and 
  • learn how to create fluidity in your belief systems to allow the success you desire to manifest.
Module 3: Anchoring

Create Cellular Congruence by aligning every layer of your energetic and physical bodies to create powerful decisiveness and focus toward your desires.

In Module 3, we’ll…

  • learn how to build the muscles of manifesting, magic, and goal setting,
  • create pinpoint clarity about exactly the PIVOT POINT you’re creating – and what it will mean for your future on the Line of Destiny,
  • see how to train your Unconscious Mind so that your desires become LAW in the Universe,
  • anchor your specific PIVOT POINT deeply into every layer of your energetic and physical bodies to create Cellular Congruence through a powerful Visualization,
  • make your desires feel so real that your body can’t help but manifest it, and
  • learn where your next steps are as you journey through the Seasons of Success.

Then we move to HARVEST
Step 4 on the Success Cycle Checklist: Alignment

In HARVEST, we slow down and gather the wisdom and learnings needed to shift your MOMENTUM from the old path of Fate to the new path of Destiny.

If you’ve ever wondered HOW to get the gifts from trauma and your past – and then forgive and let them go so they don’t weigh you down and keep you stuck! – HARVEST walks you through it, step-by-step.

Module 2 is a deep dive into the ‘negative’ emotions and what gifts each one holds for you as you build the life of your dreams.

It ends with looking at the ancient spiritual practice of examen and gives you handouts to gather learnings on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Yup. All of it. It’s the material I use with my 1-1 clients, and that I’ve used at my small group retreats – refined and ready for you to get your hands on and use.

Do you see?

It’s about habit. Discipline. Consistency.

All that stuff that we know we should do, but hate doing.

But… it’s time to step into entrepreneurial maturity.

If you want to succeed in life, you’ve got to get these habits.


I mean, how long have you been trying to scrape by without using these tools?

And how’s that been going for you?

Aren’t you sick of struggle?

Module 1: Bringing In Your Harvest

Gather your momentum back to your centre by harvesting the seeds you have scattered over the years and decades in a powerful wisdom gleaning process.

In Module 1, we’ll…

  • learn what a Harvest is really for
  • see your fields in all their strange beauty
  • decide where you want to start gathering
  • work through exercises to pinpoint where your momentum is hiding
  • clean your fields so that your next PLANTing is much easier and yields bountiful results
Module 2: Cleaning Out Your Barns

Gather, process, and align your precious energies towards your goals.

In Module 2, we’ll…

  • see where you’re leaking energy + learn what to do about it
  • learn what wisdom is + how to know when you’ve got it
  • do a deep-dive into the ‘negative’ emotions
  • transform your traumatic + painful experiences into the gifts that propel you to Destiny
  • prepare + enjoy your Harvest feast – a lavish energetic banquet
Module 3: Developing A Harvest Mindest

Step into an ancient spiritual practice that will build a habit of Harvest and keep you building momentum toward your dreams.

In Module 3, we’ll…

  • begin to embody the Harvest wisdom
  • create a mythic narrative of your life + why it matters
  • build a routine of Harvest rituals that will align you with powerful seasonal flows
  • learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities + keep moving toward our Destiny
  • see how to get back into action when you ‘fall off the wagon’
  • become the Queen of the Harvest

Jim Rohn, one of my earliest mentors, said,
“You get to choose your pain – discipline weighs an ounce and regret weighs a ton.”

I’m not gonna lie.

It’s work. Some might even say it’s unsexy.

They might be right.

But if you’re sick of fluff that promises the moon and then fails to deliver and you’re finally ready to get serious about setting goals and getting those goals, then this is where you need to be.

And y’know what IS sexy?

Super-sexy, in fact?

Getting your goals, manifesting your dreams, and frickin’ loving your life so hard that you dance with joy and gasp in gratitude at the magnificence of it all.

Next, is PLANT
Step 5 on the Success Cycle Checklist: Advance

PLANT lays out exactly how to create space to set your goals and then walks you through the most powerful goal setting techniques ever developed.

It shows you exactly how to set successful SMART goals and the traps to avoid.

It has a visualization to take those goals and sink them deep into your body to create Cellular Congruence.

Then, it walks you through a strategic planning process to reverse-engineer exactly how to get from where you are now to where you want to go

… leaving space for the Divine and magic to flow.

This is how I work with my clients to set up their whole year – their game plan – for what they want to achieve and how they want to get there.

Then, we have GROW
Steps 6 + 7 of the Checklist:
Accountability + Astonish

GROW is all about creating community and moving from the planning and dreaming stages – the goal setting of PLANT – to the ‘boots on the ground’ reality of getting out there and getting your goals.

GROW is where we enter into the mini-cycle of taking action, getting feedback, adjusting, and then taking more action.

This is the stage where – if they’ve made it this far – most people out in the world eventually give up and fail.


Because they hit an obstacle and don’t know how to handle it.

Because they don’t have community.

Not you.

Because you will have community – you’ll be in the Facebook group and able to ask for help when you need it and get answers and support to keep you moving forward.

Success is NOT about doing one great thing once.

Success if ALL ABOUT making thousands of small, smart decisions and taking 1000s of small baby steps that slowly but surely get you to your goals and dreams.

The world tells us that we can become overnight successes.

But it lies. It’s a fantasy.

It’s time to get serious about your success.

And, finally, there is the delicious magic of REPLENISH…

REPLENISH is where we practice
magical, radical, radiant self-care.

(available January 2022)

Where we learn to protect our space and our dreams.

Where we fill our tanks and decrease our loads.

REPLENISH is the quiet winter months where we hibernate, cocoon, and make our creative ground fertile again.

It’s necessary.

I’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently fill yourself up so you’re ready to get back into the active cycle of PLANT and GROW.

And I’ll show you how to avoid getting trapped in inaction and passivity because you’re afraid of what will happen when you get back out there again…

… or because you are so freakin’ exhausted from trying to be the ‘Yes!’ to everyone else’s requests.

REPLENISH is the beautiful heart of the Seasons of Success where we delve into our divine feminine natures and come back with treasures and power beyond our dreams.

Ready to say ‘Yes!’ to The Seasons of SuccessRegister here.

(but, before you go register, you might want to check out the Bonus…)

She’s deeply influenced the way I do business and she’s made a huge difference in the way I approach my coaching packages, which has resulted in more clients.

Her light shines through from halfway across the world and she’s just as fabulous on a call as she is on Facebook. 

Anne-Sophie R.

Maybe you’ll be like my client, Irene, who went from harried business owner to proud momma, artist, and living in her dream home.

When I first started working with her, I was lost and confused about the direction of my business. Now I’ve manifested more money in a two week period than I ever have before, created a successful program for my clients that gets them awesome results, I am re-branding and I’m creating the foundations that my business needs to grow and thrive.

My favorite part of working with Vanessa, is she doesn’t let me hide from myself. 

Robin J-R

Or maybe you’re more like Christine, an over-worked therapist who changed her business model, became a Coach, and is rapidly building wealth and clientele while having more time for her hubby and kids.

Or, maybe you’ll be like me, and figure out a way to move across the country so you can live by the sea, and daily drink in the stillness and beauty while you work with the best clients in the world and write your heart out.

What’s your dream, beautiful?

Are you ready to claim it?

The Possibilities are Limitless
When You Learn How to Pivot

Magic happens once we get you working in tune with your Mission and the Seasons of Success Cycle.

When you step into The Seasons of Success, you receive immediate access to 4 full courses that will walk you through creating a REAL change and gathering your momentum and transferring it to your Line of Destiny.

Ready to register now? 

So, at this point, you may be starting to wonder if a SYSTEM that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive.
And who can blame you?
That kind of power should be, right?

And even though I could easily charge thousands for this training – and have, through my high-level retreats and coaching programs – and it would totally be worth it, I’m not actually going to do that.

Right now, you can get the entire Seasons of Success system for a one-time, single, secure payment of only $997. Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and get started today.

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That’s why I’ve limited this initial enrolment. I’m only going to work with a small group on this first round of the program while I’m still creating the courses.

I hope you’ll join me. It’s going to be epic.

You might have noticed that not all of the courses are available yet. That’s one of the big reasons why I’m offering this hefty discount – and why I want to work with you to make sure you’re creating the powerful transformative habits that the Seasons of Success is designed to deliver.

Get started right now!! Claim your savings. 

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My eyes on your goals.

Want to transform your marriage?

Your business?

Your energetic way of being in the world?

Together you and I will create incredible magic.

How do I know?

Because the system works. Let’s get it working for you.

I don’t even know where to begin… I am so blessed to have found Vanessa.  Her wisdom and guidance have done more than just help me navigate the rough waters of my life.  Because of her I have healed more deeply than I ever imagined possible, become healthier in my personal life, my relationships and my business and found on an entirely new career path.  If it wasn’t for Vanessa I truly don’t know where I would be. I am forever grateful for her support and look forward to having her be a part of my journey for many years to come. 

Jen F.

Vanessa brought a fresh perspective, asked tough questions, and demanded accountability on a weekly basis. All necessary to move forward. 

Things that should have been worked on years ago have either been completed or a plan is in place to complete them. Our personal game plan is to retire in 3 to 5 years and we are in a much better position to make that happen. 

Several months later, I am amazed at what has been accomplished! 

Nancy M.

P.S. Don’t delay, the special $997 investment won’t last.

PPS I’m limiting enrollment so I can work closely with you to make sure your plans and goals will get you where you want to go.

So, if you want to harness the power of Cellular Congruence to get unstuck and create the life of your dreams… and you want to SAVE and get that massive Bonus, click on the ‘Register Now’ button, right now.


The courses have each been designed for you to easily complete in 3 weeks. And, as with all digital courses, it all depends on how much time you choose to budget for this work. 

The actual ‘teaching’ time for the 3 Core Modules of Creating a Powerful Pivot Point is 3.5 hours. You’ll be going through the worksheets at your own pace, so you’ll want to budget 2 hours per week, for your first time through the course.

These courses are all digital and you’ll be able to access every piece of them through your computer. 

Success is even more fun when you get to wear your comfy pants.

You’ll have immediate access to both of these courses as soon as you Register.

You’ll also have immediate access to PLANT and GROW. REPLENISH will be released in Winter 2021.

The Seasons of Success courses have been designed for people who are ready to create a change in their lives now. 

People who are serious about creating change and moving through the inevitable discomfort as they leap from Fate to Destiny. People who are excited about creating 2nd and 3rd order change as they change their own life and the whole world.

The majority of the people I work with are business owners, world-builders, and Coaches, so if you’re in one of those 3 categories, you’ll feel right at home. If you’re not sure if the course is for you, please contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice.

I’m glad you asked, because this course is definitely not for everyone. There are two groups of people that should not buy this course:

1) It’s primarily a self-study course so you have to be self-motivated. If you know that you’re one of those people who buys courses and then doesn’t finish them… please don’t buy this course. 

But, don’t worry, we’ve got something special for you…

If you know that you’re better off with a personal guide working with you 1-1, and if this material is calling to you – you know you’re here for a reason, and you’re definitely ready to stop feeling stuck – you’ll want to consider personal coaching support. 

You and I will work together closely to craft a customized journey for you through your Pivot Point and goal getting that gets you moving quickly toward your dreams.

If you have questions about 1-1 coaching support, click here.

Spiritual Tourists Need Not Apply

2) The other type of person that this course is definitely not for is the spiritual tourist. If you’re constantly searching for what is new and exciting, but you really don’t want to do the work of going deep, then this course is definitely not for you.

I don’t do shallow.

The Seasons of Success Cycle – PIVOT POINT, HARVEST, Replenish, PLANT, and GROW – are based on ancient, foundational truths and Divine Laws.

They are not new, but I have gathered and refined them into system that is new – and this is the first time I’m presenting these tools in one place.

Once you’ve learned the system, you’ll be able to use it over and over again to move forever from the Line of Fate and onto your Line of Destiny.

If you just want to gaze at transformation without engaging, please do not buy this course. I am passionate about working with people who are ready to change the world… and tourists take far too much energy.

There are thousands of Law of Attraction and goal setting courses out there – I know that. What makes these courses so different is that they work by aligning your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to create Cellular Congruence.

It ties into the Universal Laws of Success, specifically the Divine Law of Sowing and Reaping and the Law of Responsibility. When we align our lives with these Laws, everything works better and momentum builds powerfully.

I’ve developed and refined The Seasons of Success with my private 1-1 clients for years. The spiritual wisdom and logical systems, plus the blending of conscious and unconscious learning techniques, ensure that the teachings will reach every layer of your mind for whole body Cellular Congruence.

LOL! I’m so glad you asked, I love talking about this… and it’s much too big a topic to fully explore down here in the FAQs. So, here’s the quick story on Cellular Congruence:

Science has now confirmed what mysticism and ancient spiritual traditions have been telling us for millennia: we are energetic beings enmeshed in a complex, holographic, Universal system of consciousness and energetic exchange.


And now, here’s the no-jargon version:

You are a Creator. 

Yes. You.

You create and radiate energy all around you, every moment of the day. 

Real energy that can be measured. 

Your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings all impact the quality, or nature, of the energy that you radiate. For example, when you’re afraid, you radiate a different frequency of energy than when you’re happy.

Not only are you radiating energy, but so is everyone and everything around you. And our Unconscious Mind is putting energy out there, and picking it up, all day, every day.

Most of the time, we aren’t aware of what our Unconscious Mind is doing. That’s a problem because our Unconscious Mind is very powerful and it’s usually focused on ONE thing only: keeping us safe. Its own definition of safe. And it will not let us succeed at anything that it considers to be unsafe.

Ultimately, that’s why, when we try to change, we usually fail. Unless our Unconscious Mind is on board with the change (and it usually isn’t) we can’t make it stick.

Creating Alignment from the Highest Heavens to the Smallest Cells

Sooo… the core of Cellular Congruence is to get our entire being – the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle bodies – all into agreement that they want the same change. That’s congruence. 

And I use the term ‘cellular’ because science has also confirmed that our cells are our smallest unit of coherent consciousness; which means that every cell we have in our body is taking part in the creation of our Unconscious Mind. 

For the PIVOT POINT we create to last – and to have a lasting impact on our lives through 2nd and 3rd order change – we need to make sure that we are congruent – in agreement – all the way down to our cellular consciousness.

That’s why I call it Cellular Congruence.

Simply: because they work.

Visualizations are the fastest way I know to create Cellular Congruence so that your Unconscious Mind accepts the change and makes sure you stick your landing on the Line of Destiny. 

Anchoring is one of the core components of classical NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which is all about creating Cellular Congruence. I include Visualizations in almost all of my courses for one reason: to get the Unconscious Mind on board with what we want.

We Have to Get Our Unconscious Mind on Board

Y’see, unless, and until, we get our Unconscious Minds on board, nothing changes. This powerful Visualization will smooth the path for your deep creative processes to bring your dreams into reality.

The Unconscious Mind works in pictures and feelings and this Visualization will give it exactly what it needs to change your reality without you even having to think about it. 

(btw… one of your Bonuses is a training on the Unconscious Mind – what it is and how to talk to it)

If you’ve read the last few FAQs and you’re thinking, ‘Heck yeah! I want more of that!’ then you’re in the right place. I encourage you to register for The Seasons of Success now because deep answers are how I roll. 

I can promise you this: this isn’t a fluff course. 

CDN = Canadian funds

As in, it’s only $997 Canadian, so if you’re one of my beloved Canadian peeps, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you’re not about to get screwed by the exchange rate.

And, if you’re one of my awesome peeps abroad, you’re about to get a pleasant surprise because $997 is WAY less than $997 USD.

You’re welcome.

Of course it’s okay. You get to choose. This is all about your power to choose.


I get up on my soapbox about our culture’s addiction to busy-ness and how we’re allowed to use time – or our mis-use of it, as an excuse to say ‘No’ when we’re afraid to step into our Destiny.

Here’s the thing: if your life is crazy right now, chances are it’ll still be crazy in 3-months, 6-months, and 3 years. In fact, chances are very good that it’ll stay crazy-busy until you simply burn out and fall down. And you will… I’ve been there and I get it.

You see, the problem isn’t that you’re too busy, it’s that you aren’t prioritizing your Mission and your dreams over the endless demands of the world around you.

You’re probably taking care of everyone else and dancing as fast as you can to keep your world spinning in the right direction, and it’s exhausting.

If You’re Here, Then the Time is Right

You’re here. Now. And that means something to me. It means that there’s something in you crying out for more – to make a bigger impact and to change the world in the way that only you can.

We need you.

And that’s what this course – and all of my work in the world – is designed to do: to get you focused on your Mission and your dreams and get you moving toward them.

Yes, it takes an investment of time. And money. And, yes, it will require you to say ‘No’ to some good things so that you can jump whole-heartedly into what is truly great and join us in building a better world.

Yes. It’s true. You can’t do that when you’re so busy.

But your addiction to busy-ness is something you’ll have to deal with eventually so why not grab the bull by the horns and do it now, when you’ve still got the energy – and when you’ll be able to work with a Master Coach – to make it happen.

You matter. Your Mission matters. So, I’m asking you to take a couple of breaths and get still. Drop your awareness into your belly and ask: “Is this right for me?”

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then register today.

Your fear might tell you it’s the wrong time, but your soul will tell you the truth.

I’ll see you on the inside.

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