Goddess Voice Master Class

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A 2-hour deep dive into chaos theory, hypersigils, and how to use all of it to market your services, and recreate your life.


Hey there, goddess!

Thank you for stopping in to learn more about your Goddess Voice with this original PowerHouse Master Class. Originally delivered in October 2016, this is a true 2-hour Master Class where I introduced Chaos Theory, Chaos Magick, the power of symbols in your Unconscious Mind, as well as doing a powerful meditation to introduce listeners to their Goddess Voice.

This is for you if you are:

  • looking to put more punch in your marketing language;
  • feeling stuck with any part of your life and wanting to get moving;
  • tired of the hyper-masculine push, push, push model and ready to try something divinely feminine and magical;
  • ready to step into your power and become much more of the woman that you know you were made to be

As part of your package, you will receive:

  • the original 2-hour Goddess Voice Master Class recording where I explain, in detail, what a hypersigil is and how to use it to increase your power, peace, and joy. We finish the class with a powerful meditation where you meet your very own Goddess
  • a .pdf of the Goddess Voice slides so you can easily follow along
  • a transcript of the Goddess Voice Master Class in case you’re like me and you like to see the words you’re hearing
  • the original set of #hypersigil Challenge PowerHouse Facebook posts that got this whole thing started, and
  • a workbook to help you bring all of the ideas together into a series of exercises and journaling prompts

This work is rapidly becoming the foundation of the PowerHouse, and is the basis for the 6-week Empower Your Goddess Voice class and VIP sessions.

While I originally dreamed that EYGV would be a *marketing* course, the Divine had other things in mind (of course!) and Empower Your Goddess Voice has turned into – no question about it! – the most magical course material I have ever created… well, more like channelled from the Divine than created. 😉

I call it a marketing course but it’s really about power, love, magic, and saving the world. It’s about tapping into your soul and Spirit and making them known in a way that changes lives.

I am totally in love with it and the women who have taken Round 1 and Round 2 have been getting clients and embracing their power in breath-taking ways.

The Master Class contains a powerful meditation where you meet your Goddess Voice so that you can start working with her to create… whatever it is that you want to create.

I hope you enjoy and love this work as much as I do.



2 reviews for Goddess Voice Master Class

  1. Carla Sanders

    A decade of following manifesting teachings suddenly made sense to me after the Goddess Voice Master Class. Creating from Chaos was the missing link. I am not holding back my gifts and my work any longer! No accident that since the Goddess Voice Master Class, I created $2500 a month in consistent passive income.

  2. Sharon Lawlor

    Wow! This masterclass really blew my mind! This is the first time I had heard many of these concepts and they were explained in such an easy to follow way that I kept having A-ha moments over & over again, taking so many notes in the workbook.

    I am having so much fun playing with my hypersigil too! I was able to connect with her through the journal prompts and guided mediation, deepening my connection with her since the masterclass. This new found energy (of my Goddess Voice) comes through so easily & naturally, it will always be a part of me now & so thankful!!

    Each time I have listened to the recording, I receive new insights and understand another layer of this magickal energy. I love Vanessa’s energy & excitement about this too- this masterclass is totally amazing!!

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