Living our Destiny + creating a life we love means becoming the person who can build + own a life of power + meaning. GROW shows you how.


Once you’ve set your powerful goals and you know where you’re going – how do you handle obstacles and continue growing?

Join us in GROW – the pinnacle course in The Seasons of Success Seminars – to learn how.

In this powerful course, we look at becoming the person you need to be to build and hold a life of power and meaning.

Y’see, what all those Law of Attraction courses tell us is that if we just set powerful intentions, we’ll attract what we desire. What they don’t tell us is that most people create so much self-sabotage that they end up losing what they’ve attracted.

GROW will show you how, step-by-step, with the support and answers you need to live your life on the Line of Destiny.

Practical business knowledge with a magical twist? That’s what we do here.

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