Sometimes, we have to slow down, practice radical self-care, and nourish our fields. When we do this, we find our stillpoint + truth.


Perhaps the most challenging course in The Seasons of Success Cycle, REPLENISH asks you to slow down and find your Stillpoint.

What’s a Stillpoint? It’s that place of peace and calm at the centre of our soul where all things come into alignment and we can feel joy.

Most people never find this place.

Join us on a most magical journey as we learn to practice radical self-care and nourish our fields, filling our tanks and preparing for the PLANTing and GROWing seasons ahead.

If you’ve been running hard, and you know you’re on the verge of burnout, REPLENISH is here for you.

If you’ve spent your entire life making sure that everyone else was taken care of and now you’re wondering what it was all for… or where your life is waiting, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to sacred space. It’s time to REPLENISH.

Practical business knowledge with a magical twist? That’s what we do here.

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