Values Levels Mastery


Want to know why your clients do what they do? Values Levels will open up their deep Unconscious Mind and make it all make sense.


One of the core NLP Mastery skills, working with Values and Values Levels allows you to access the deepest of your client’s unconscious programs.

What does that mean?

It means you get down to what is driving your client’s behaviour quickly, transforming their ‘I don’t know why…’ into ‘Yes! That totally makes sense!’

Why does it matter?

Once your client understands WHY they are behaving the way they are, they can make conscious choices about what they want instead and then work for them.

Problems that have kept them stuck for years can be quickly and easily changed into ‘pivot’ moments that change their life.

Add these powerful tools to your coaching / consulting / healing skills and watch lives change.

Values Levels are one of the key ways we ‘make the world make sense’ to ourselves and for our clients.

*all prices in CDN*