Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Healers, and other 1-1 Service Providers…

Welcome to the PowerHouse Business Building Fundamentals Toolkit


Hey there! It’s Vanessa.

Over the last five years I’ve built – and more importantly, sustained – a successful coaching practice and I have a secret…
… in order to do it, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn from the best Coaches in the industry how to sell, market, and put in place the structures that make a difference.
I had to.
You see, I didn’t have a system to follow to market, sell, and fill my coaching programs.
So I had to go find the pieces, one at a time, wasting months trying what doesn’t work and worrying about whether I had what it took and if I could make a difference without burning out.
I pieced it together. I worked out the bugs.
I made sure it delivered big results.
And now I’m ready to share it with you.

This course is for you if…

  • You have, or are starting, a coaching / consulting / healing business that is based on 1-1 sales and services;
  • You are done with making it hard;
  • 5 months of weekly coaching with a Master Coach + Mentor sounds like a no-brainer good idea;
  • You want an easy one-stop course to fill in the gaps and get your business structures in place;
  • You want to make more money and more profit;
  • You’re creative and realize you need structure;
  • You know you are meant to make an impact; and
  • You’re ready for some peace, grace, and fun doing it!

Over the course of 22 weeks I’m going to pour out all the tips, techniques, and hard-won wisdom that I’ve gained so that you can build your business quickly and easily.

I’m not going to pretend that it has all been perfect – in fact, I’m going to share some of my biggest ‘whoopsie’ and sometimes ‘oh sh*t’ moments so that you can avoid them in your own business.
Every business hits obstacles – that’s part of the fun! – and my goal is to smooth the way for you as much as possible.
I am so excited to be diving into this material and I know that you will see the results in income and increased customer satisfaction by implementing these principles.
Your business will improve as a result.
I’m all about creating and maintaining a balance that brings me joy and I want your business to do the same for you.
I want you to pay your bills, serve your clients with joy, AND have enough energy and money left over to live a life you love.
Ssssssh… don’t tell anyone but you might even have some fun.

I am done with struggle and going without.

I hope you are too.

At the end of the BBF Mentorship, you’ll have…


The mindsets of success;

Money handling systems;

Client handling systems;

Sales systems, including how to handle objections with grace;

Paper + filing systems; and

Everything else you need to start building… NOW.

Whether you’re new to the business or you’ve been around for years, if you need support to get your systems in place, and help with the classic ‘selling without being pushy’ dilemma then that’s what this course is designed to deliver.
Did you notice how many times the word ‘systems’ appears in the list above? That isn’t a mistake.
It’s because I’m a systems girl.
Super-sexy? No.
But you know what is super-sexy?
Getting paid.
And that’s the outcome great systems deliver.
I like to figure out HOW to get a task done right so that I don’t have to keep making mistakes and re-inventing the wheel.
I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. You’ll massively compress your timeline, saving years of heartache and tears.
Systems make everything run better and, despite what your brain might be telling you, they actually make it easier to be creative and have fun.

Here’s how it all started for me…

I remember standing there, holding my shiny new Coaching certificate.
I knew that I had everything I needed to do a great coaching job with my clients and I was ready to go… then reality set in.
Go where? Where exactly was I going?
Who was I going to Coach? Where would I find them and how would I convince them to work with me?
I did what I’d been taught – I held a workshop. It was at my third workshop that someone kindly told me that it had felt a bit too ‘salesy’ and Boom! I was off on my quest to find a system to sell without being pushy.
That began a journey that will never end because there are always new ways to up-level AND I’ve worked with some of the top names in the business to fill in all the gaps that I didn’t even know I had until I went to build my biz.
That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing them with you. Because now I’m training new Coaches – that’s right, I’m helping people get into this amazing and transformational industry. And I don’t want them to have to flounder for years trying to get this all together.
My goal is to offer everything you need in one place.
What to say, how to say it, when to say it, and who to say it to.
Templates, Scripts, Worksheets, and tonnes of ‘Done For You’ content.
How to structure your programs so that they serve your clients and fit your lifestyle.
Success without burnout.

It’s pretty darn cool.

Are you ready? Here’s what we’ll be covering over the 12 core modules:

12 Modules of POWERHOUSE Content: 

Module 1: Setting Your Space for Success
  • The connections between energetics and your success
  • The top 9 steps to take now to set your space for success
  • Checklist for you to use and share


Module 2: Building Your Initial Brand + Packages
  • Get out of overwhelm and start selling
  • How designing packages can be easy, fun, and thrill your heart
  • Package design templates and checklists you’ll use over and over again
Module 3: Nailing Networking (Even if You’re an Introvert!)
  • What you must be thinking BEFORE you walk into any networking event
  • When to arrive, who to talk to, and how to escape conversations that are going nowhere
  • How to turn networking into profit
  • Scripts and checklists to make it easy
  • What to do after networking to keep you healthy and on track
Module 4: Digging in With Discovery Sessions
  • Learn what to ask before you get on the phone
  • See how Discovery Sessions are the key to your sales and service model
  • Create a coccoon of transformation to empower your prospective clients to say ‘Yes!’
  • Templates and checklists and scripts, oh my!
Module 5: Closing the Sales + Transforming Objections
  • How to sell without being ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’ or ‘manipulative’
  • Feeling peace in your body about the sales process
  • Scripts to handle the 4 most common objectives
  • What you need to have in place to make the sale flow easily
Module 6: Sales as Service
  • Where to feel into this powerful mindset before doing ANY sales
  • How to create ‘win-wins’ in all your sales conversations
  • Linking their needs to your packages
  • A checklist of my favorite success & sales mindsets
Module 7: How to Handle the Paper
  • How to handle the paper
  • What you need to keep and what you don’t, and for how long
  • How to use what you collect and ensure that what you collect is legal and useful
  • Templates and checklists to organize your client files
Module 8: Niching + Your Ideal Client
  • Who you are meant to work with now
  • How to speak so they will hear and see you
  • Where they are hiding
  • What to do with them when you find them and they find you
  • Template for ideal client creation and attraction
Module 9: Stepping Into Your Mission
  • Where to look for your next step forward
  • Why you need a mission-focus to stay in balance
  • How mission is connected to profit
Module 10: Establishing Expert Status
  • Why you need to get over the ‘fraud factor’ and how to do it now
  • The different types of expert and which one you are
  • Marketing materials and more to position yourself as an expert
  • Checklist for expert status + stepping into the spotlight
Module 11: Building + Filling Your Funnel
  • How to handle your funnel so that it fills and grows
  • What a funnel is and what it is not
  • Where the money is in your funnel and where the effort is hiding
  • How to create a joy-filled funnel and throw away the ‘shoulds’ forever
  • Templates and checklists to make it easy
Module 12: Divine Endings, Testimonials + Referrals
  • Why the endings are never the end
  • How to conclude with grace and why it is SO HARD for so many of us
  • Convert clients into referral magnets
  • Templates, scripts, and checklists to pull it all together

Plus, you’ll also get these super-spiff Bonuses…


Creating Intro Workshops + Webinars that Get a ‘YES!’ (Value: $997)

Discovering Your Passionate Purpose™ (Value: $697)
Divine Alignment (aka How to Manifest Like a Mofo) (Value: $147)
Making Money Simple (Value: $147)
Bonus Module 13: Building Websites that Make You Money, Not Crazy (Value: $197)
Bonus Module 14: How to Succeed on Social Media without Losing Your Mind (or Soul!) (Value: $197)

That’s a total of over $2300 in Bonuses…

Register Now to Receive: 

12 Core Content Modules
17 Q&A Calls
Workbooks, Scripts, Checklists + Templates
‘Done For You’ Materials
 …and over $2300 in Bonuses
The PowerHouse 5-Month Business Building Foundations Mentorship for Coaches, Consultants, Healers and 1-1 Service Professionals

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How does it work?

Each class has 45 – 75 minutes of content.
After that I’ll answer questions until we’re done or we hit 2 hours. Every call will be recorded.
Every week for the first 14 weeks (because there are BONUS modules!) you’ll receive a workbook, complete with scripts, checklists and a set of tasks to keep you moving and out of overwhelm.
For the remainder of our 5-month mentorship time we’ll have a straight up Q&A class.
You’ll receive constant support to keep you moving and answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck.
You’ll also become a member of our private BBF Facebook group.
Investment: $3500 pay-in-full or $600 deposit plus 6 payments of $550.
Vanessa’s no-nonsense way of digging deep into your soul and exposing the things that are holding you back, and then giving you the support, tools, and processes needed to shift into a much easier and joyful way of being, is priceless. So many things in my personal life and business have shifted into a much more abundant state – I’m deeply grateful for crossing paths with her.
Nikki Bult

NB Virtual Office

Thank you Business Fairy Godmother!!! Vanessa helped me get to the root of what has been holding me back from the results I want to see in my life. My outlook, self-image and sense of purpose have all changed – for the better! Vanessa is the Real Deal and can help you and your clients get results!
Laura Higgins

Portrait Ceremonies

I was disorganized, playing small and overwhelmed. Vanessa helped me chunk things down into really inspired and actionable steps so that I could start to realize my dreams and make shift happen! In the three months we worked together I earned $15,000 in my brand new coaching business and since then I’ve started to have 5 figure months!!
Celeste Frenette

Radical Nourishment

When I first connected with Vanessa I felt as though the Divine had literally sent her into my life to scoop me up. Her continued support, wisdom and encouragement has helped me deepen my understanding and grow my business quickly. She is just the right amount of scary to put a halt to your BS and get you moving forward! My clients and I have already benefited from the investments I’ve made with Vanessa – she delivers (and ensures I deliver!) every time.
Vanessa Matthews

The Housewife Revolution

Vanessa is the real deal. She’s deeply influenced the way I do business and she’s made a huge difference in the way I approach my coaching packages, which has resulted in more clients. Her light shines through from halfway across the world and she’s just as fabulous on a call as she is on Facebook. Listen to her, learn from her and work with her.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Escape Diet Prison

I am celebrating having a sacred space to explore all the different things that I bring to the table in my business. We started from a high-level overview and then went down into the details and finally pulled it all together into something joyful and fun. The group and how everybody has shared has been awesome.

Grace Sedstrem

Wonder Woman Solutions

What’s it like to coach with Vanessa? I’ve got someone in my corner laying out a system that works and that I can repeat over and over. I have a genius at clarifying my message encouraging me that my work is important, that I need to be bolder, more visible, and showing me how and where! I have Vanessa’s eyes on my copy, she pointed out all the GOLD, and made little tweaks to make it pop, and be irresistible. And this was just TODAY! I have longed for this kind of coaching support for all the years of my business. I’ve had more people sign up for this launch than ever before. And we are just warming up the engine. Hire Vanessa. Study with her. She’ll change your business in a good way.
Diva Carla Sanders

Orgasmic Alchemy

Simply put, Vanessa is a Rockstar. When I first started working with her, I was lost and confused about the direction of my business. Now I’ve manifested more money in a two week period than I ever have before, created a successful program for my clients that gets them awesome results, I am re-branding and I’m creating the foundations that my business needs to grow and thrive. My favorite part of working with Vanessa, is she doesn’t let me hide from myself. She consistently brings the gems that are hidden deep within to the light while backing everything up with simple, practical steps that help provide more clarity and more money in my business.
Robin Linke

Unleash Your Powerful Freaking Goddess

I have more focus and drive in my business and a clear path of where I want to go and how to get there. With Vanessa’s guidance I am now able to focus on building my business in a way that supports not only my financial goals, but the goals of my soul’s work as well.
Jennifer Febel

Blue Lotus Integrative Health

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Do This!