Being Your Best

Living with Purpose Without Burning Out

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Be your best, do your best, demand the best, expect the best, receive the best, and put your best out into the world so everyone can receive your best, too.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

We live in a culture obsessed with ‘the best’ – but what does that do to us when we’re trying to start a business or become more visible or even just get out of bed in the morning?

If we’re not ‘the best’ is it even worth it? When your goal is living with purpose – without burning out! – there is another way.

You’ve got to quit the competitions that are impossible to win + that means focusing on being YOUR best instead of trying to be THE best.

Our motivational coaching quote today is from Jen Sincero’s book, “You are a Badass”.

This week's Mojo Moment with Vanessa Long shows you why you need to focus on being YOUR best.

Our Big Ideas:

Idea 1: ‘Best’ is a superlative – it’s all relative

Best is a tricky word – it’s a superlative – it means that there’s none better and it ONLY has meaning compared to something else.

This is important: it ONLY has meaning when compared to something else – BEST has no internal meaning.

And if you’re determined to live a live of purpose you can’t do it by trying to be better than.

You just can’t.

You’ve got be YOU – that’s the only way to win and live fully. 

Idea 2: Who Creates the Criteria for ‘Best’

If you’re determined to compare yourself with others, then you’re faced with the dilemma of: how do we know?

How can we ever know if what we’ve done, or who we’re being is THE best?

And the terrifying truth for our egos is that there’s almost always someone better than us at whatever we’re doing.

If our success criteria is being THE BEST, we’re going to live exhausting and futile lives. We deserve something better than that – we deserve to live fully – to live with purpose – and to do it without burning out.

And that means dropping out of this ridiculous competition to be THE best. It’ss one we can’t win – and one you don’t want to win because if you ever DO become THE best – by someone’s definition – then you have to defend it.

That’s exhausting and means you’ll live in fear forever. 

Be your best, expect the best and deliver your best is this week's quote from Jen Sincero

Idea 3: Who are you going to let judge you?

And let’s talk about that whole SOMEONE thing, because, for most things, THE BEST is a subjective evaluation.

Every person has their own opinion about what is THE BEST.

Like, what’s THE BEST ice cream? It looks different for each one of us.

So… even if 99% of people think you’re the best, there will still be some who disagree. Even the most famous and successful have haters, right?

What do we do? Are you going to let that destroy you?

I hope not. 

How does it feel to know that your best is ALL about you so you can stop competing with everyone else?

See the whole video here: https://youtu.be/PqxyDTgKwTQ

And make sure you watch to the end for the bonus power tip.

The Details: “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero (Running Press Adult, 2013)

Where You Can Get ‘You Are A Badass’:

Amazon U.S.: https://amzn.to/2WFl2Wa
Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/31xje5e

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be your best. give your best. do your best. that's the game.
How to Be Your Best is this week's Mojo Moment from Vanessa Long
Put your best out into the world so everyone can receive your best, too. Our quote from Jen Sincero.