BOTM: Books That Rock My World

Vivacious Living Recommended Reads

On an irregular basis I will share one of my favourite books with you. It could be a book that I am currently reading or one that I first read years ago and treasure more with each re-read.

Guaranteed, each book I recommend was a source of many joyous (and sometimes difficult) ‘Aha!’ moments. Each one of these books has moved me along the path towards vivacious living.

The topics are diverse but the core messages are usually similar: there are steps you can take to become free and joyful. Excellent.

Many, many were recommended by friends and I am so grateful. If you have a favourite book (or 12) that you would like to share, please drop me a note and I will be right on it.

That is the one of the joys of being a self-avowed book addict – I get to follow my intuition to happiness.

Thanks for reading.

My favourite books right now, in no particular order

Jack Canfield, The Success Principles (Canada)

Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star (Canada)

Keep an eye out for more of my favourite inspirational reads!