Business Building Foundations 2016

One of the **short-comings** (?!?!!) that I’ve had to overcome is my tendency to ‘leap without looking‘.

I’ve always been the type to jump right in and make it happen.

I’ve always thought – and been taught! – that that was a negative trait, something that I needed to shift, that somehow I needed to be more calm, more thoughtful, more reasoned.

I have been shamed for this part of me.

And while it’s certainly true that it needs to be disciplined, and I do believe I have strengthened my discernment over the last few years, there’s something else that I have realized…

My life seems to be getting a lot better, and my business seems to be growing a lot faster than the people that I used to look up to for being so calm and ‘reasoned’.

I’ve realized, from studying successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, that the most successful business people **DO** trust their gut and make decisions quickly.

They don’t insist on more and more information as they become more and more firmly embedded on their fence post.

They look at the information available, check with their intuition, and then make a decision.

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They feel the fear – the anxiety – that happens every time we get to the edge of our Comfort Zone, and then they go for it anyway.

And then they MAKE. IT. WORK.

This has been a huge learning for me and I think it is a big part of my success.

I am not content to sit still – I am always looking for where I can stretch and grow and become more of the me that I am meant to be.

Instead of feeling guilty, now I relish my natural Aries drive toward more and better and the passion and energy that I bring to whatever it is that I am doing.

Even better is when I get to share it with my clients. Here is what one of my clients had to say this week in the PowerHouse:

This week I’m launching Round 2 of the Business Building Foundations. It is bigger, better, and deeper than last year’s class and I am stoked to be sharing it with you. It’s a 5-month business mentorship where I share all my systems, structures, and secrets with you.

The super-early bird savings are on until Friday night so you’ll be hearing from me a few more times before then. I want to make sure that everyone who needs it, gets it.

Round here we’re calling it the **Empress’ Map to Business Domination**. 😉

I’ve received a few emails from people asking me if it’s for them because they *really* want to work with me but aren’t sure if this is the right vehicle for them.

I aim to please so, without further ado…

Here’s who the BBF is for:

1. Healers, Coaches, Therapists, Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Body Workers, Energy Workers, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Lawyers, Consultants and other 1-1 Service Providers.

2. Solo-preneurs or people with 1 or 2 employees looking to build their revenue to 6-figures and beyond.

3. Business owners who know that they have gaps in their systems and structures.

4. Business owners who aren’t sure about their GOLD– that thing that is inside of them waiting to come out in the form of niching, ideal clients, and packages that light them and their tribe up. The thing that makes them unique.

5. Business owners wanting to build a business through social media but unsure of how to get started and wondering if it is possible.

6. Business owners wanting to get coaching from me and my eyes on your biz, but who aren’t ready to invest in 1-1 coaching… yet.

7. Business owners who want to be part of a community that is dedicated to lifting each other up while we make serious money.

8. Business owners who don’t want it to be so frickin’ hard all the time and who want a little more grace, ease, and magic in their lives and business.

If you check off even 4 of the points on that list, then the BBF is definitely for you.

Who is the BBF NOT for?

1. Business owners who already have revenues in the mid-6-figures and up. Got a $2 million company? The BBF isn’t for you. You need 1-1 coaching to get your life back. 🙂

2. People who say they want to start a business but who really just want a hobby.

3. People who hate money and are determined to be miserable. Please stay away.

That’s it. If you fall into one of these 3 categories, the BBF isn’t for you. 

Otherwise, I’m looking at you and wondering why you aren’t jumping at this. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.

–> www.powerhousecoachtraining.com<–