A Clear Path to Coaching + Soulpreneur Success

How To Grow Your Coaching Business to Six-Figures

Sometimes when we’re out there marketing our businesses, it can feel like we’re shouting into the wind… our message is blown away before anyone hears us.

Marketing can be really discouraging. Especially when we have limited time and money, and it just seems to take so much energy to get anything going.

(do y’know what I mean, can I get a ‘heck yeah’?)

We see all these people out there blowing it up. And whether we’re a Coach or Healer or a more traditional brick + mortar Owner, there always seems to be someone doing it better than we are.

Modelling v Mimicry: What Do You Need to Build Your Coaching Business

If we look at the world and compare ourselves with all the shininess we see doing it better, the only possible result is discouragement and maybe even depression.

Sometimes, and maybe more often than we care to admit, we want to give up.

While modelling excellence is an important part of success (that’s why its a major piece of NLP!), we have to be careful about trying to mimic what others are doing.

Y’see, what I’ve learned is that the path is a little bit different for each one of us. There is no one way to win. And while there are some essential pieces that we all need, what those will look like in practice for each one of us is unique.


Your Coaching Business Has a Unique Voice

Well, because you are unique. You have a unique Mission. A unique energetic structure. And a unique set of reasons for doing what you do in your life and your business.

Which means that you’ll attract a unique set of customers who will love working with you when you shine your unique light and speak in your unique voice.

Can you wrap your hands and heart around that?

Your voice matters. Your business matters.

When you spend all your time trying to do what you see others doing, your uniqueness gets lost.

There Are Essential Pieces You Need to Master to Build Your Coaching Business

Annnnd… there are some foundational, essential pieces that we all need to work through and develop mastery in. Sometimes working through those areas will be darn uncomfortable because they bring us up against the edge of our Comfort Zone. For sure.

Those essential pieces? They matter. Without them, your soulopreneur business cannot succeed – your soul simply won’t let it.

Want to know what they are?

Of course you do, right? I mean, we all want to know the steps on the path to success.

I’ve got good news. Of course I do! I’d never leave you hanging!

A New Model for Coaching + Soulpreneur Success

I’ve been downloading a model for business success that I’m excited to share with you that lays out exactly what you need to focus on – and what you don’t! – to grow your business.

On November 21st, I’m hosting a special training:

3 Essentials to Build a Successful, Profitable
– and Sustainable! –
Coaching or Soulpreneur Business

You know my trainings aren’t fluff. I’m going to share with you exactly what I’ve learned about growing a business to its first 6-figures. What you need to focus on now, and what will distract you and keep you spinning for months or years instead of growing.

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If you just know, deep in your belly, that your business isn’t living up to its potential, this training will shine light on your path forward. It’ll lay out your next steps and how you can get moving toward the success you yearn for.

I want to see you winning.

Register for the 3 Essentials to Build a Success, Profitable – and Sustainable! – Coaching or Soulpreneur Businessright now – before the day whisks you away – to save your seat.