How To Handle Fear in Your Business

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Six-figure women seem to instinctively know: Tough times are no time to keep a low profile or be risk averse. It’s not that they weren’t scared… yet they never used economic slumps, or sheer terror, as an excuse not to act.

Barbara Stanny (now Huson), Secrets of Six-Figure Women

When you’re determined to build a business and a life you love, you’re going to eventually run into the edge of your Comfort Zone and feel the squeeze of fear.

How you respond to that fear – do you step out boldly or shrivel up and hide? – is a huge factor in your success or failure.

Our motivational coaching quote today is from Barbara Huson’s book, “Secrets of Six-Figure Women” + we’re looking at how successful women step out boldly toward their life purpose IN SPITE of their fear.

Vanessa Long shows us how to handle fear in your business in this week's Mojo Moment

Our Big Ideas:

Idea 1: Many soulpreneurs fear being in the spotlight

Keeping a low profile is what many of us do best – we hide in the shadows.

It’s how we were trained to stay safe. How we survived.

And now it’s become our default pattern, and it’s killing our business and our dreams.

Idea 2: Our excuses to hide just don’t cut it anymore

Turns out that the hiding we do is an excuse to give in to fear.

Six-figure women never use excuses like ‘the economy’ or even sheer terror to hide and give in. Their dreams matter more and they OWN 100% their responsibility for their success of failure.

Idea 3: Fear gets loudest at the edge of the Comfort Zone

It’s especially important to be bold when the whispers say that ‘times are tough’ and that the safe and smart thing to do is keep a low profile and your head tucked down.

Those voices get loudest right at the edge of our Comfort Zone and, when we give into them, they keep us from victory. When we find a way through, our Breakthrough is inevitable.

Where is one place you’re feeling afraid to step out boldly into the spotlight AND feeling called to do so by your purpose?

See the whole video here: https://youtu.be/87qSPIbcblA

And make sure you watch to the end for the bonus power tip.

The Details: “Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life” by Barbara Stanny (Ramsey Press, 2004)

Where You Can Get ‘Secrets of Six-Figure Women’:

Amazon U.S.: https://amzn.to/2YzIusH
Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/2YvJ4I1

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Vanessa Long shows us how to handle fear in our business
tough times are no time to keep a low profile when you're a soulpreneur