Reclaim Your Freedom from the “I can’t…” Lies

Limiting Beliefs are a Powerful Form of Self-Sabotage in Your Life + Business

(Part 3/3 of What “I can’t…” Means)

When you own your business, you don’t have time to be trapped by those old “I can’t…” lies. Reclaim your freedom and power by taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts and change your “I can’t…” into powerful choices.

In Part 1 and Part 2, we’ve been talking about the sneaky little lie that masquerades as truth in the form of “I can’t…” and today we’re going to work through 7 steps to transform your “I can’t…” into something much more powerful and useful.

Here are the first few steps to reclaiming your power and breathing life back into your inner fire:

breathe life back into your inner fire

1. Change “I can’t” into “I choose not to because…”

change "I can't" into "I choose not to"

I know.

It’s too simple, right?

Way too simple.

But… it is incredibly powerful because it moves you from being a Victim to a Creator.

Instead of it being done to you, now you are claiming it, you are choosing it.

That gives you power.

In fact, 100% responsibility = 100% power

That gives you options.

Example. “I can’t move my family.” –> “I choose not to move my family because it would make everyone unhappy.”

Example. “I can’t sell my business.” –> “I choose not to sell my business because I don’t know how and it scares me that I might screw it up.”

2. Make a list of ALL the reasons

Sit down and write out all the reasons that you’re choosing not to do something.

It doesn’t matter how bizarre they are, just allow your Unconscious Mind to empty itself out.

Remember, your Unconscious Mind is very powerful and it thinks like a child, so some of those reasons are going to feel silly to your adult mind.

Just go with it because those *silly* reasons have been running you for decades.

… she won’t love me anymore.

… I don’t deserve to be happy.

… we’ll all die.

… they’ll be lost without me and they’ll all die.

… they’ll be mad at me.

… I’m not strong enough / good enough / brave enough / smart enough.

3. Breathe

Allow yourself to look at the list and really see what you have been allowing to hold you back.

It’s okay if there are some strong emotions here. Let them flow.

I know how hard this can be for Business Owners – we are much better at toughing it out than showing ourselves compassion – but just take a breath and feel how much pain and fear has been swirling underneath these simple “I can’t…” statements.

4. Take a break

Walk away, sleep on it, and come back.

5. Close your eyes and ask your soul what you really want

What do you really want in this situation?

If there were no limitations and you could do the thing that you really want to do, what is it that your soul is calling you toward?

What is the will of the Divine in your life right now?

What would bring you so much joy and freedom and peace that you scarcely dare to imagine it, say it, or write it down?

Write that down.

You can do it.

Be bold.

Be daring.

(and remember that you don’t have to do it alone)

6. Go back and look at those limiting reasons again

Are they real? True? Can you be sure that they’re absolutely true?

Are they the reasons you want running your life?

Which ones will you choose to keep and which ones will you release?

If needed, work through them with a Coach, therapist, or very smart friend.

Sometimes just hearing them out loud in a safe space is all you need to let them go.

7. Make a new decision based on freedom and what you truly desire

make a new decision based on what you truly desire

Whether you stay with your original decisions or you go with a new choice, you are now coming from a place of compassion and power.

Always remember that you are an Owner, and that that means something.

You value Freedom.

You are powerful.

You’re changing the world.

And the Divine has your back.

the Divine has your back

Questions? Thoughts?

Need support to create the business that you dream about?

Let me know what you need…

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Here's how to change the self-sabotage of the limiting belief, "I can't" into freedom in your life + business.