Want Misery? Judge Your Results

If you really want to be miserable, this is a surefire strategy!

Just a short message today and then I have to get back into PRAC mode.

What’s ‘PRAC mode’, you ask?

It’s the head-down, ultra-marathon / sprint that is the 8-day NLP Coach Practitioner training I’m running right now in Newmarket.

I’ve got AH-mazing students in the room and we are digging down through layers and layers of ‘stuff’ as we transform it into gold.

I wanted to share with you one of the themes that is emerging in the group that might just be sabotaging your joy and success too…

It’s judging your RESULTS as ‘not good enough’ or ‘not right’.

What this looks like in the world is pretty typical: we set a goal to get ‘x’ and then we put in place a plan to get there.

We take steps, we do the work, and instead of getting ‘x’, we get ‘y’ or ‘x-1’ or some other interesting variation on ‘x’.

But, instead of seeing it as interesting, we judge it as WRONG and BAD and NOT ENOUGH… and it steals all of our joy and momentum and actually signals to the Universe that it should STOP working with us toward our outcomes.

What Power Really Looks Like

You see, the way I look at it, if I am able to take ANY action in the world and get ANY result it means I have power.

I have the ability to take action and get results and in the NLP Model of the World, that’s the very definition of personal power.

I take action, I get results.

That should be celebrated. That is worth celebrating.

I really want you to get this: when you take action and you get results it means you have the ability to change the world in the way that you desire.

That’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

It means you’re on the right path.

If you want to guarantee misery, keep judging your Self and your actions as not good enough.

How Judgement Sneaks In + Ruins Everything

But, when our results don’t exactly match the expectant vision of perfection we have in our head, we often fall into judgement and decide that it was not good enough.

That judgement, that decision that it is not good enough, shuts the whole process of manifestation down.

In NLP, is that part of the process? Hellz NO!!

It’s the opposite.

One of our key Presuppositions is that There is NO Failure, ONLY Feedback.

And one of our steps to Success is that you look at the Outcomes you are getting and if they aren’t exactly what you want, you do something different.

You DO something different.

Don’t stop. GO.

GO boldly in the direction of your desires and your dreams.

Toward where you want to be. Toward WHO you want to be.



Make new decisions.

Judgement will stop you cold and sabotage your joy forever. It’s a surefire strategy to misery.

Instead, let’s celebrate the progress you’ve made and stay focused on the PROCESS and JOURNEY that you’re in so you can actually feel the power and joy that are waiting inside for you to acknowledge them.

I know it can be hard to relax and let go of perfectionism and it’s a key part of the work. 

You can do this.

And you don’t have to do it alone…

Ready to radically transform the way you see the world?

Want to wrap your hands around the tools of power and build a life that is truly extraordinary?

Ready to have it stop hurting so darn bad?

There are always solutions. There are always options.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be by staying isolated.

Your dreams are waiting.

Contact us today to find out how we can support you to reach your dreams.


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