Oh! Hey there, Spring!

It’s good to see you again

I have the song from Annie running through my head this morning:

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I’ll love ya! Tomorrow! 
You’re ONLY a day awaaaaaaayyyyyy!”


Because tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20th, is the first day of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. I am ever-so ready to make the energetic flip past this equinox power point and tumble into the fresh and rejuvenating fires of Spring.

Not only is tomorrow the Spring Equinox, but it’s also a Full Moon. And not just any Full Moon, but the Spring Worm Moon, and the last Super Moon of 2019.

(the fires of the Earth are stirring… even though we’ve still got lots of snow waiting to melt around here)

mmm, Spring… bring it ON!!

Vernal Equinox and Full Moon

I was going to talk about fun Equinox facts. But, instead, I’m just going to link to this article that mentions pretty much all of the ones I had in my head. Including the very cool precessional cycle of the Equinoxes. What’s that? Well, it turns out that over the course of 26,000 years (!!!), the earth’s tilt changes from pointing at Polaris (our North Star) to Vega and back again.

Honestly, the more I learn about how our Universe works, the more I’m in awe of how it all hangs together. There’s a theory of fine tuning that maybe we’ll talk about sometime…

Okay! One fun fact: this is the first time that the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon have occurred on the same day since 1981. That’s almost 40 years ago (okay, now I feel old, lol!), so let’s take advantage of this moment.

When I hear about powerful energetic moments layering one upon another, I like to take notice. I like to use that energy to help shift what needs shifting… and that’s why I’m telling you about it… so you can use it, too.

As always, the energy of the Equinox is one of balance. The balance between old and new, releasing and holding, masculine and feminine, and light and dark.

This yearning for balance, plus being aligned with the Full Moon (which has a releasing and manifesting energy) and the awakening Earth, all results in a strong urge to purge right now…

… and you might just want to flow with it.

The Urge to Purge

Many cultures use this time of year to do a FULL CLEAN:

  • sweeping out the corners,
  • beating out the rugs,
  • washing all the surfaces, and
  • getting rid of all the dust and soot that accumulates over a winter when the windows are closed and the fires are burning.

(and, yes, I can attest that it does get dusty when the fire is burning daily)

If you can’t imagine doing a FULL CLEAN, is there a partial clean you could handle? A kitchen junk drawer? Old tax files? Going through and cleaning out old winter clothes that you didn’t even wear because you no longer love them? Maybe even just cleaning up your bedside table…

And it doesn’t even have to stop at a physical cleaning. Is there any mental or emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying for FAR TOO LONG that you’re ready to let go of? Now is a perfect time to do it!

Now, is a great time to claim your freedom and liberation from the chains that have held you prisoner for far too long.

Seizing the Moment for a Pivot Point

You know if you’re a regular reader that I’ve been neck-deep in HARVEST and Creating a Powerful Pivot Point this month. And it just so happens that the natural energetic power points of the Full Moon AND the Equinox create excellent opportunities for PIVOT POINTS. I love these magical moments where we have the ability to shift from the Line of Fate to the Line of Destiny.

(if you want to learn more about Pivot Points, you can get it here – I created two videos that walk you through the process)

Is there something happening in your life that you’d like to see head in a different direction? Wednesday night would be a great time to get still and get serious with your Unconscious Mind about what you’d like to create instead.

It doesn’t have to be complex. Sure, you could set up a crystal grid and inscribe your candles with just the right anointing oil and angelic glyphs and … oooh, about a billion other correspondences if you really wanted…

… but, really, all you have to do is sit down, take a few deep breaths and FEEL into the change that you would like to manifest on the physical plane.

Getting Into Divine Alignment

For me, I like to light a candle, put on soaking music, pull a few cards, and journal with God as we chat about where I feel Him leading me over the coming weeks. 

These conversations usually start with me complaining about what is not going the way that I want. Then, they very quickly transform into praise and worship at all the blessings that are showering into my world.

They end with loads of action steps for me to take as I lean in further to Divine Alignment. That switch from complaining to praising happens every time. God always shows up and He never leaves me hanging. And it’s super-hard to stay grumpy when you’re around that kind of high vibration. 🙂

The actual moment of the Equinox is at 5:58 ET Wednesday evening (the Full Moon is a few hours later). I’ll be imagining us all, sitting around in a circle and calling out our intentions for the coming Spring season. Let’s release that with which we are finished and name that which we are creating.

Will you join me? How will you welcome the powerful Pivot Point energy of the Vernal Equinox? What are you ready to release?

Let me know.


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