When Your Mind Conspires with God

Wouldn’t You Love to Have
Your Unconscious Mind On Board?

Whew! What a wild ride this past week and a bit has been! 

— scratch that, make it this past month —

— nope! scratch that, make it this past quarter —

Y’see, there’s something BIG shifting over here in Vanessa-land. And it has been happening so subtly that I didn’t realize what was going on, at least not until it was far too late…

… which is a good thing. Because, if I’d known, I would have gotten overwhelmed, freaked out, and clamped it down.

Now, it’s too late. I’ve made commitments and promises, and I’m neck-deep in creation-mode. Now, it’s time to deliver…

… and I’m a gal who delivers, so I’m all over it.

Turning HARVEST from a Workbook Into a Course

It’s all about HARVEST, y’see. 

Here’s what happened:

For the past several years, 7 to be exact, I’ve hosted a small group of clients at Ste. Anne’s Spa in January for an intimate planning retreat.

(Ste. Anne’s is an intimate, all-inclusive, luxury spa nestled in the hills 90-minutes outside of Toronto)

You’ve probably heard me talk about it… or maybe you’ve been to one of them.

And for the past few of those 7 years, I’ve delivered a ‘pre-work’ booklet for them to work through to help them get organized and prepared for the retreat.

I’ve called it a HARVEST book, because that’s what it’s for: gathering up and harvesting the previous year.

I love it. My clients love it. It works. 

That’s a great combination.

And every year, I’ve tweaked it and added to it and made it a bit better.

And then, late last year, something shifted.

I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that God was doing a work in me. I’ve learned to roll with that kind of deep, soul-level, transformation because, y’know, it’s happened before and I know I can trust that it is good, even if it feels weird and uncomfortable.

The Deep Whispers of My Soul

My Unconscious Mind (UM) started whispering in the deep of the night…

UM: Hey, let’s do a little course called HARVEST based on the Ste. Anne’s pre-work! It’ll be fun!

(emphasis on the ‘little‘)

Me: Sure! We can do that!

UM: And while we’re doing that, let’s just give them a little bonus called Pivot Point. Don’t worry, I’ve got all the steps ready to go.

It’ll be super-fun!

It’s a Checklist! You love checklists! 

We’ll make it easy, just a little 3×3 course… 

(…it outright lied)

Me: Sure! We can absolutely do that! Little, easy, and fun sound like something I can totally do.

I started playing with it in January when I got back from Ste. Anne’s.

And, through a flurry of activity in February I knuckled down and figured out how to create landing pages in MailChimp, how to create and host courses in WooCommerce and Sensei, and put together the beautiful 7 Keys to Create a Powerful Pivot Point opt-in checklist.

(you can get it here, if you haven’t already)

All good. All doable. Nothing was too big and little pieces kept dropping into place. I kept jotting down ideas and notes and gathering… gathering…

And then, something weird began to happen.

Moving Beyond My Comfort Zone

It started to grow and expand.

It wasn’t just a checklist, now it really was a whole course. But, it wasn’t just a course, it was a whole framework for strategically planning your life.

(what the…?!!)

And it was good.

Like, really good.

Like, I had to regularly stop what I was creating and just kinda stare at it with a bit of gobsmackedness and think, ‘wow, is this really coming out of me?’

And it was! Through me. Out of me. Onto the paper.

And I kept going.

But I was holding back, not getting into full creation mode.

I’d done some, but not enough…

And then, a week ago last Sunday, I got sick. Really sick. Like, on my knees worshipping the porcelain god kinda sick. Fever all day Monday kinda sick. 

I haven’t thrown up for over a decade but there I was … FOR NO REASON…

(I’ve learned there’s always a reason…)

And after sleeping all day Monday in recovery mode, I woke up Tuesday morning and knuckled down and EVERYTHING FLOWED…

(… but, like, in a good way. maybe I had to let it all go so that I could let it all flow…)

Evolving From a Course to My Life’s Work

… and what flowed was good. Really good.

( So… sometime Friday…)

Also Me: “Hey!! Wait a second!! This isn’t ‘some little course’!!

This is my frickin’ life’s work and so epic that I can’t even believe it’s happening!!!


Everything I’ve been teaching and building toward for the ENTIRE TIME I’VE BEEN A COACH!!!

You!!! You there, God!!

I see what you did there!

You conspired with my UM and tricked me into creating this!! And it’s going to change lives and the world and change my life, too!! 


God: *giggle*

UM: *giggle*

Me: Buggers! I frickin’ love it!!! Thank you!! Love you!!

Yup. My Unconscious Mind teamed up with the Divine and they totally played me.

They worked together and got me where I needed to go, despite my reluctance and expertise at hiding.


This is the question I have for you:

As I explain in Pivot Point, most of us don’t get very far toward our dreams because our Unconscious Minds freak out and PULL US BACK onto the Line of Fate and away from our destinies.

It gets scared. And it wants everything to stay the same.

Can you imagine what would happen if your Unconscious Mind was on board with your dreams?

If it actually teamed up with the Divine and figured out a way to get you moving and helped you succeed, despite your very best efforts to stay small and hidden?

Wouldn’t that be cool? Wouldn’t that change everything?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible and it can be done.

And it’s what I do for my clients every damn day.

There’s nothing more important to me than you *finally* getting your dreams.

Join the group of women and men who’ve changed their lives and are changing the world by aiming straight at their destinies.

Let’s figure out where you’re stuck and what you need and let’s get the magic happening for you.

If you’re ready to get out of stuck and into destiny, let me know.

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