Your Belief is Sabotaging Your Soulpreneur Business

What Beliefs Do You Need to Shift to Succeed in 2020?

In my recent YouTube video series on manifesting in your soulpreneur business, I’ve been talking a lot about the Law of Attraction and the idea that your thoughts create your results.

In NLP, we call it TFAR: thoughts > feelings > actions > results and it forms the basis for the powerful coaching work that we do.

The REAL SECRET to Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality

And the REAL secret is that there is a heckuva lot going on beneath and BEFORE the ‘T’ of TFAR that determined what your thoughts will be.

In this model, whenever you aren’t getting what you want to be getting, there is ALWAYS a Belief being believed that is holding you back or preventing you from manifesting what you say you desire.

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… so, I’m going to keep today nice and sweet and short.

How To Get What You Want In Your Soulpreneur Business

Chances are there are things that you want. That you intend to create. Maybe even that you yearn for and desire from the depths of the souls.

Y’know, those things. The things you’ve been talking about and planning for and wanting for a very long time.

If you aren’t getting them, then there’s a Belief standing in the way. Always.

Here’s today’s exercise to examine and shift your Belief and it’s also the core of self-coaching that I’ll be teaching in The Academy:

The PowerHouse Business Academy Belief Change Process

See Where You’re Stuck

1. Figure out what it is that you desire that you aren’t manifesting. (this is the Result)

2. Get really specific and write. it. down. If you don’t get it out of your head and onto paper, it’s almost impossible to get clarity.

3. Get still. Take at least 3 deep breaths and drop your awareness into your belly. If you’re not in your body for this next part, you won’t get accurate information. It’s okay, you can do this. It’s safe.

4. Read what you’ve just written. Visualize yourself doing it / having it / being it.

5. Notice what emotions and thoughts come up. What do you think and feel when you visualize having it. Now, there are probably some happy feelings and thoughts because this is your dream. Go ahead and breathe those happy thoughts and enjoy the fantasy for a few seconds.

Feel Where There’s Fear

6. Now, dig down through the fantasy to the reality of what you believe it will take to get there. Roll the tape back a bit in your mind’s eye and see the steps – the journey – you needed to take to get there. 

7. Now, breathe those feelings and thoughts through your body. Become aware of the discomfort, the difficulty, and the fear of those steps.

8. Write. them. down.

(y’see, the journey always has some peril. it requires us to change. and, most of the time, change is scary so we resist it)

9. Look at what you just wrote down and ask yourself, “What must I be believing to have those thoughts and feelings?” There are probably several and your list might start as simply as, “change is hard and scary” and then be followed by “I’d have to be perfect”, “I’d have to be seen”, “I’d make a mistake and be judged and laughed at” and “I’d never do it right”.

10. Decide what new belief you want to have instead that would remove the blocks from your manifestation and put you into flow toward your dreams. Replace each old belief with a new belief, one at a time. Question each one. Hold it up to the light, examine it, and choose to let it go.

11. Take actions based on your new beliefs and notice how different they feel and how quickly they move you toward your dreams and destiny. 😍

Learning the Belief-Change Process Takes Time

Here’s the thing… each step in this process requires a certain amount of skill and discernment and doing this kind of internal work is not something we were taught in school.

It’s easy to get hooked or stuck at any of these steps.

And if you were reading the list and at any point you thought, I don’t know how to do that or I’m not sure what that would look like… then get your tush into The Academy because that’s what we’re going to be learning…

Learning to BE an Entrepreneur Takes Time

How to BE An Entrepreneur – How to Build the Entrepreneurial Neurology You Need to Run a Soulpreneur or Coaching Business. That’s the heart of The Academy teachings and everything I do.

We think we can get to where we want to be with the neurology we have and it just isn’t so. We have to change at a deep level to create the reality we desire and the BEST way to do that is with accountability and long-term support and I’ve designed The Academy to get you both at a super-affordable investment.

It’s time to stop taking one-shots at success and build something that lasts – it’s time to create the business that will nourish you for decades.

If you’re feeling pulled betwixt and between and you’re not sure why, let’s talk. There is a better way to live than feeling out of control in your own life.

I’m here to support you as your grow your dreams.

Let me know what you need and what questions you have.

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