My YouTube Experiment

How to Get to Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

Soooo… my YouTube channel is this precious new thing I’m nurturing as a way to get the message of ‘building your life and business with the end in mind’ out to a broader audience.

And, yes, I’m hoping that it will drive more traffic to my landing pages…

(currently The PowerHouse Success Cycle Checklist and The PowerHouse SMART Goal Setting Template… oooh! And the PowerHouse Business Assessment… LOL! it’s like there’s a theme or something…)

…to create a new revenue channel for my business.


Are You In Business to Make Money? I Am…

I mean, I’m IN business. It’s important that I look for, and maximize, every revenue stream I can hold and that is in alignment with my goals and Mission.

But, I’m also using it to inspire and motivate people to live better lives. Lives that are filled with love and peace and joy and success and ALL the juicy wonderful things that we talk about on here every week.

My intention is to change the world – to build a new world from the inside-out. Fun, huh?!

Most People Are Just Trying to
Get Through the Day

Y’see, most of the world is NOT happy. They are NOT in Divine Alignment and not only are they not GETTING their goals, they’re not even SETTING goals.

(seriously… studies show that less than half of the population actually set goals and far fewer than that actually write them down and review them regularly. less than 10% get their goals with any regularity…

… just think about how much pain that causes. just think about that lost potential. it breaks my heart to think of them running on unconscious and never getting to their destinies. that’s why I’m putting together the Seasons of Success. and it’s why I’m so happy you’re here.)

Most people are just trying to get through another drudge of a day so that they can collapse into bed, or in front of the TV.

But, that’s not for us. We want more from life. I know you do or you wouldn’t be here, week after week, absorbing ideas and inspiration about how to live a better life.

So, last week, I’d had enough of my new YouTube channel being so small.

Setting a SMART Goal for 100 YouTube Subscribers

(y’know when you’ve had enough? like that. that’s a powerful moment for setting goals. it’s got juice!)

There’s this thing – creating a custom channel link – that you can only do once you reach 100 subscribers so I was, like, ‘dangit! THIS IS THE WEEK! I’m getting to 100!’

In other words: I set a goal. 100 subscribers to my YouTube channel by the end of the week… which was June 2, 2019.

Boom! A goal! And a SMART goal at that. It was:

Specific – subscribers to my YouTube channel
Measurable – 100
Achievable – I was pretty sure I could do it, even though it was a stretch
Relevant – I wanted it BIG TIME!
Time-bound – by June 2, 2019

And then what? What do you do after you set a SMART goal? 

Well, if you follow my PARTY system, you start planning and back-planning, reverse-engineering, what it could look like to make it happen. You talk to the Divine and your Unconscious Mind and you download the plan.

I did. I got the plan.

That’s how I knew that I had to do something uncomfortable: I had to ask for help.

Asking for Help to Get My Goal

So, I did. I asked in the PowerHouse. Asked on my biz page. On my personal page. I’m in a couple of groups that have promotion threads and I asked on there, as well.

And, of course, I asked in my newsletter. I asked if my subscribers would hop on over to my channel and subscribe. (it’s not too late…😉 )

And, I’m happy to say that y’all stepped UP!!


In the first few days of the week, the numbers shot up as people clicked subscribe.

That was fun.

Over on Facebook, I was creating a storm of appreciation by writing a little love note to everyone who let me know that they’d subscribed.


Because it’s funner!

But here’s a super-little ninja goal setting and getting trick for you:

I had another reason for creating that gratitude storm. Not just for fun.

Wanna know what it was?

It kept ME in high vibe ALL WEEK LONG. I mean, seriously, I was writing love notes all day Wednesday. It made the process feel GOOD.

And y’know what staying in high vibe does?

It creates a groovilicious vortex of welcoming energy that invokes the Law of Attraction and invites – and allows! – in all that I desire.

(read that again, don’t miss it)

Pretty smart, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too. 😉

Once I figured out that that’s what was happening.

Getting Your Goals with Help from the Divine

Because here’s the thing.

I didn’t sit and plan that out. I just followed my intuition. Followed the nudging and promptings that I was receiving about where to post and how to post and all that stuff.

I wish I could tell you that I’m a stone-cold rational strategic planner and that it was all part of my big master plan.

But, it wasn’t. And I’m not.

At least, not consciously.

And that’s the real beauty of it for me.

I don’t HAVE to know everything. Or control everything. Or worry and fret or have anxiety about ANYTHING.

Because I am beloved.

I’ve done the work.

I live in Divine Alignment.

I work with the Divine. I’m friends with my Unconscious Mind.

I tell them what I desire. They go to work.

They tell me what to do. And I take action.

Even when it’s scary. Even when it’s awkward.

Make Your Mission Bigger Than Your Ego

Because my Mission is more important than my ego and fears.

I’m willing to step out and into what used to terrify me.


Because I’ve learned that I’ll be caught when I fall. And held. And nourished.

I’ve learned that the Universe doesn’t hate me. It’s not out to get me.

In fact, I’ve learned that it’s quite the opposite.

It’s one ginormous gorgeous playground where we get to bring dreams into reality.

And, as the week went on and the subscription rate slowed… as I reached 80 and then 90 and then 95…

… then when it stalled at 99 for a WHOLE FREAKIN’ DAY!!!

I was reminded of EVERY TIME that I got SOOOO CLOSE to stall out right at the end.

As the anxiety started to set in I started to look for ways that I could force it over 100.

Ways that I could make it happen.

(definitely not perfect)

And I shook my fist at the screen on Saturday and said, “Are you kidding me? 99?!!! You’re really going to stall at 99?”

Surrendering to Divine Will

(notice how I paid attention to my goal, I didn’t set it and then ignore it, I nurtured it. sure, at the end, it got a bit messy… but that’s part of my process. lol! and just because it’s messy and imperfect and uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s wrong. staying in the mess is often the best thing we can do while we strategize how to move through it.)

Eventually, after checking on a bunch of possible actions that just didn’t feel right, I took a breath, trusted that all would be well and went and watched a couple of silly movies with my big, yummy man.

I surrendered and let go.

Just before going to bed on Saturday night, I peeked at the channel total and wouldn’t y’know, it was 100.

Exactly 100. God’s funny that way.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that this pattern of stalling right before I get my goal is PART of the process and part of the patience and spiritual maturity that God is working in me.

I hear patience is a spiritual fruit or virtue or something important like that… 🤣🤣🤣

I took a picture.


(if you watched last week’s video, you know WHY it’s so important to celebrate. 😉)

And I slept.

We’re ALL Winners When We Work Together On Our Goals

Monday, I announced the winner in the PowerHouse and now you get to know as well:

The winner of the ‘Get to 100 Subscribers’ give-away is…

(drum roll please…)


👏👏 Karen Collacutt 👏👏 

Woohoo!! In thanks for her support, I let her have a little shopping spree in the PowerHouse Shop. She chose the Energy Hygiene for Empaths Bundle. Very good choice. It’s one of my favourites. 😍

The other winner? ME!!! Because I stepped out of my Comfort Zone and got to my goal.

The other winner? YOU!!! Because you’re part of this amazing community of goal setters and goal getters.

We all win when we work together to build a new world.

If you want to learn more about setting and getting goals, check out my YouTube channel and stay tuned because PLANT is coming next month and I am super-excited about continuing this journey through the Seasons of Success.

Thank you for all your support last week!! And every week!!!

And, hey, if there’s something specific you want me to talk about, or specific questions you’ve got, PLEASE let me know because that is always where my best material comes from. Being of service to you is what makes me shine.

You’re here to change the world and we’re here to help.

You’ve got this.

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It makes life so much easier. 😍

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