Ask Your Best Customers

Let them guide you to your new thing

Something quick and practical for you this week:
ask your best clients for insight on what they’d love from you:

1) What they would like more of from you;

2) What they would like less of from you;  

3) How can you serve them better; and

4) What would make their world easier? What’s vexing them, right now?

In other words, ask them. ASK THEM!

Seek their feedback. Allow it in. Step out of fear and into divine feminine receptivity. Take their feedback into the alchemical womb of your soul and make magic happen.


How to Ask Your Clients for Feedback

Well, the first three questions are pretty straight forward – although they can be terrifying to the ego! – but, the fourth one is where all sorts of magic can happen.

When you ask people what would make their world easier it gives you an opportunity to stretch and grow and provide real, valuable, in-the-moment assistance.

Because it might be something you can do now.

(oh yeah! I never even thought about doing that, but I can totally do it!)

Or it might be something you can become.

(sometimes our best clients can see our direction better than we can. remember, it’s always hardest to see our own blindspots!)

Sometimes, our best customers can see our path to profit and growth better than we can, we've got to ask them to find out.

Or… it might be an opportunity to reach into your network and deliver incredible value by connecting your best people with someone who can give them what would make their world even better.

And that makes you more valuable.

Y’see, part of being an expert is knowing what you can do very well.

And, an equally important part of being an expert is knowing what is outside of your expertise and calling in thoseexperts to your space.

You are creating a safe little world for your best clients where they can trust you to deliver top-quality service and a top-quality network.

Connect Your Best Clients with the Resources They Need

One of my very favourite things is to be able to dip into my virtual rolodex and pull out a name that will make one of my favourite people’s problems disappear.

Becoming a hub – the hostess with the mostess – is a key part to service success. Building your own network of experts you trust in a wide array of fields – and using them in your own life and business! – is essential.

And that brings us to today’s TASK: ask at least 3 of your very best clients these 4 questions:

1) What would you like more of?

2) What would you like less of?

3) What can I do to serve you better? and

4) What would make your world easier? What’s vexing you right now?

And that brings us to my ASK: Would you take 3 minutes, reply to this email, and answer those 4 questions for me? It would mean the world to me and help me to serve you better.

Thanks so much. 🙏💙🙏

Remember: You’re here to build a new world.

And we’re here to help.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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