How To Overcome Writer’s Block

What to Write When the Words Disappear

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Three pages of whatever crosses your mind – that’s all there is to it. If you can’t think of anything to write, then write, “I can’t think of anything to write…” Do this until you have filled three pages. Do anything until you have filled three pages.

– Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

When the words disappear, how do we overcome writer’s block?

Sometimes it feels like our brains are swirling with too many ideas and we don’t know how to get them out and then… sometimes we feel more barren than the surface of the moon.

Sometimes we’re afraid that we’ll never have another good idea.

Our motivational coaching quote today is from Julia Cameron’s classic book, “The Artist’s Way” + we’re looking at how to discipline our minds to show up and write, even when we think that we have nothing to say.

How to Overcome writer's block with Vanessa Long

Our Big Ideas:

Idea 1: Write about having nothing to say

This week has been weird for me, I’m a pretty prolific content creator and, over the last few days, I’ve been more barren than the surface of the moon.

I was telling my husband that I felt like I had nothing to say about anything.

I was looking at the Mojo Moments quotes I had scheduled for the rest of the month and then thinking… I’ve got nothing.

And he said, ‘well, why don’t you write about that.’

And sometimes, that’s all it takes to spark an idea.

So, here I am, talking about it. Talking ’bout nothin’. Keeping it real.

Idea 2: Train your brain to expect to write every day

There are a lot of romantic ideas about ‘being a writer’ – just like there about ‘being a coach’ and here’s the thing that people don’t seem to get: you’ve got to show up. Every day.

Being successful is so dependent on being consistent, on being disciplined.

And morning pages are a great tool for discipline. What are they?

First thing, you show up and write 3 pages – 3 hand-written pages.

Every morning. You dump it out.

Is it because you think it’ll be brilliant and gorgeous?

umm… no. It’s because you’re creating a deep, habitual neurological groove – you’re training your brain to EXPECT to write every day. 

Julia Cameron tells us to write 3 pages of whatever comes to mind every morning - those are the morning pages.

Idea 3: If you’re marketing online, you’ve got to write

If you’re marketing online, which most of us are, you’ve probably heard that ‘content is king or queen’ and even if you didn’t think that would be the case for you, and you never thought you’d be a writer, suddenly you’re faced with having to write WRITE WRITE to get your message across.

Even if you dream of hiring a copywriter, you’ve got to figure out your unique marketing voice if you want to be successful. so, training yourself to write is not negotiable.

Even if you do video, you’ve got to learn to craft a narrative.

So, learning to write persuasively has got to be on your list. If you want to handle writer’s block and train your brain to show up ready to work then make morning pages a part of your daily routine.

What is ONE IDEA you could write about TODAY that would help your ideal client?

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And make sure you watch to the end for the bonus power tip.

The Details: “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” by Julia Cameron (Tarcher/Putnam, 1992)

Where You Can Get ‘The Artist’s Way’:

Amazon U.S.: https://amzn.to/2ZZNyZ8
Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/2Ng78cL

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This week's Mojo Moment from Vanessa Long is all about how to overcome writer's block.
If you can't think of anything to write, write about that. Julia Cameron and The Artist's Way.