Breaking Up With February

Now let’s get to the heart of it: I don’t like February. I mean, I *really* don’t like February.

I *really* want to love February. I want to love every moment of the amazing life I’ve been blessed with.

I’ve tried and tried to love February, I really have, but this year broke me. I do everything I can: this year I celebrated Imbolc, Chinese New Year, the New Moon, Valentine’s Day, Family Day, Leap Day, and everything I could find in between.

I thought good thoughts and looked for moments of joy and gratitude. I read great books.

I did lots of self-care and snuggled with my sweetie. I did TLT and let go of limiting beliefs. I talked to my Coach. I baked cookies and muffins and watched movies and did yoga…

But it still sucked. And it has sucked – every year for as long as I can remember. My business has been flat, my inspiration and creativity have been empty, and I’ve felt just kinda ‘blah!’.

I think about writing something and I’m totally blank, like, “What are these strange symbols for?” kind of blank. Oh! And this year? This year I topped February off with a whiz-banger of a head cold.

Did anyone else have a February that they want to tell to ‘F- off!’?

I really do believe there is something about February that I just don’t vibe with.

It isn’t the winter because I love January and March. They are great months. Inspiring months. Months I love being in my home, in my business, and in my life.

It was made even more clear to me this morning, because this morning (March 1st!) I woke up with ideas for my book that I’ve been stuck on, strategies for marketing, ideas for writing devotionals, MORE ideas for writing devotionals, and a general zest that I note with interest has been missing for the past month.

What’s a #ladyboss to do?

Well, here’s what I’m *not* going to do: I’m not going to sit around and whine and complain and whinge and bitch about it…

Well, actually I might do that a wee bit because, y’know, human neurology and all. 😉

But what I absolutely won’t do is NOTHING.

That’s what unsuccessful people do. People who get stuck in a rut and let life happen to them.

People with a victim mentality.

People who have given up their power, thrown up their hands in defeat, and hunkered down for one long miserable day after another until they die.

Screw that! That ain’t how we play around here.

Around here we have POWER.

We take a stand for our lives and for creating what we love. And we don’t take sh*t from fate.

We are the owners of our destiny. We are the creators of our reality. We work in concert with the Creator of the Universe.

We are beloved, blessed, and firmly rooted in our souls.

So, instead of succumbing to defeat and knowing that February will simply suck again next year, I’m putting in place a radical new decision:

“February, I’m breaking up with you.”

As of now, I no longer do Februaries. Next February I’m getting out of Dodge.

I’ve decided.

I’m heading south. Maybe Arizona. Maybe Mexico. Maybe the Caribbean, or Bali, or Hawaii, or, gosh, a thousand other places that I would love to visit and that aren’t cold and grey and dreary.


Because I can.

I’ve worked darn hard to build a portable business. I can serve my clients and build my business from anywhere that has a good internet connection.

Why on earth would I stay where I’m unhappy?

Only because I think I *have* to.

And I’m done with that nonsense.

Here’s the lesson I re-learned today:

Successful people do not allow life to dictate their circumstances and feelings. Successful people take the reins of their life, identify obstacles, and figure out how to get around those mofos.

Because we can.

My question for you today:

What are you *DONE* with? What are you no longer going to tolerate? What problem or obstacle can you simply eliminate from your life so that not ONE more ounce of your precious life force is drained away by it?

Let me know.