How to Shift Your Business

Part 1/?

What to do when the NEW thing begins to emerge

One of the most frequent issues I see with coaches and healers – my micro-business owners! hey beautiful! – is the desire to do something NEW.

They’ve been working away with their clients, serving their hearts out, and everything is fine and stable and then…

… something shifts.

Maybe it’s a book they read, or something they see on social media, or a deep desire that begins to emerge during their moments of meditative stillness…

… but, wherever it comes from, it’s a deep yearning for something new.

Something different. 

When We Yearn for Something New

It could be a new service, or a new way to show up and deliver their services, or maybe it’s an ENTIRELY NEW thing.

And that can be terrifying.

I mean, how do you explain to your existing clients that there’s going to be a change.

So many of us are just making barely enough money to survive …

(it feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?)

… and we have our faithful, amazing, tried-and-true clients that come to us over and over again …

… and the last thing we want to do is something NEW. 

To shake things up. To change the deal.

I mean, what if they leave us? What if no one ever books with us again? What if we simply dry up and fade away because we had the temerity to do something new?


And so the demons chatter on, whispering that we’re making a mistake and that it will all go wrong and that surely we will fail.

All the while, our heart’s are filling more and more full with this unexpressed longing to step into a new version of ourselves and we just know that if we don’t act on it soon, it’ll start to turn sour inside of us. 

evolution is always scary, but it's what we're here for

How Do We Balance the Desire for the New with the Fear of Losing Our Clients

We’ll start to resent the very people we cherish.

It’s called evolution, butterfly. Re-invention.

And it’s always scary.

It’s always scary to step out of the old and the familiar (your Comfort Zone) and into something new and unknown and untested…

(even though it can also be so exciting and filled with hope and joy)

… and not only do we have the demons chattering but we might hear the ‘gurus’ out there telling us HOW we should do it.

Why ‘No Plan B’ is Terrible Advice

“BURN THE SHIPS!!” they exhort. “NO PLAN B!!!” they shout from their perches.

Burn it all down! Scrap what you’ve got and step boldly into where you’re going! 

Quit your job and jump in with both feet!! No safety net!!!

Oh! They’ve got all sorts of ideas of how we should make the shift…

… but, over the years I’ve learned that the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach is guaranteed.

Guaranteed to:

1) Stress me out so badly that I want to quit, curl into a ball, and nurse my poor exhausted adrenals; and

2) Create so much drama and tension and pain in my life that I won’t have any peace or joy during the transition.

Oh! And, also? It usually doesn’t work because we’re trying to build something expansive from a place of fear and terror and scarcity and desperation.

You can’t expand and contract at the same time, right? Right.

So, it’s been part of my evolution to find a new way to re-invent ourselves and make a new way. A way that’s filled with grace and power and … maybe even some fun. 😘

Listen, when you’re a change-maker, when you’re someone who creates transformation, and you’re all-in in your business, evolution is inevitable. 

Re-invention is part of the deal.

As you create the conditions for your clients to change and evolve, it’s totally natural that you will also change and evolve.

It’s totally natural.

Your soul is made for it. That’s why you felt called to be a soulpreneur.

It’s going to happen.

Next week, we’ll look at how I’ve navigated many shifts in my niche and my focus over the years – and how I’ve brought my best clients along with me and grown my income – without burning it all down and starting fresh each time.

Remember: You’re here to build a new world.

And we’re here to help.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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how to answer your soul calling without losing your clients