How to Still Your Anger & Anxiety

Go Inside to Find Rest

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Now, when your emotions and feelings are turbulent with anxiety and anger, then be assured that a general retreat inward to the presence of God deadens these turbulent emotions.

If you try any other way of opposing these emotions and feelings, you will succeed only in irritating them – not stilling them.

Madame Jeanne Guyon, Union with God

When you’re building your business – or creating a life you love – there will be moments when you feel uncomfortable and cranky and afraid and angry.

By learning to go INSIDE and down to the root of this issues with the help of the Divine, you’ll be able to transform your ‘negative’ emotions into stillness.

It’s the only reliable way to deal with them.

Our motivational coaching quote today is from Madame Jeanne Guyon’s classic, “Union with God” + we’re looking at how going inside in the presence of God can help us build our business.

Vanessa Long shows us how to go inside and find the root of our fear, anxiety, and anger

Our Big Ideas:

Idea 1: Connecting with the Divine brings peace

Madame Jeanne Guyon lived from 1648-1717 and her works have lived on as inspirational Christian classics on meditation and stillness and a deep connection with the Divine.

Idea 2: Anger is Often at the Root of Anxiety

When do we feel anger and anxiety? Often they crop up at the edge of our Comfort Zone when we’re feeling threatened and unsafe.

It turns out that anger is often beneath our anxiety – even when we’re a good girl who won’t allow herself to feel the anger that is seething deep down.

We need to become okay with anger because we all have it – it’s natural.

Even if you were told that good girls don’t raise their voices or speak out or get cross.

Anger shows up every time something has crossed a boundary and we don’t know how to deal with it or process it. Then, it triggers this deep emotional ‘unease’ about the rightness of the world that shows up on the surface as anxiety.

Idea 3: Anxiety Often Appears at the Edge of Our Comfort Zone

The key is to realize WHY we’re feeling anger + anxiety.

Usually it’s because something new is happening and we’re at the edge of our Comfort Zone.

Something is threatening our model of the world – our way of seeing things – and we need to accept this.

Once we do, we can become who we need to become to expand and encompass the new experience so we no longer have to feel threatened by it.

Then we have peace.

Where is one place you’re ready to turn that anger and anxiety into peace, surrender, and stillness?

See the whole video here: https://youtu.be/fKU-jCLtG6E

And make sure you watch to the end for the bonus power tip.

The Details: “Union With God: Including 22 of Madame Guyon’s poems” by Jeanne Guyon (Seedsowers, 1999)

Where You Can Get ‘Union With God’:

Amazon U.S.: https://amzn.to/31cC80f
Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/31i1JoD

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Anger and anxiety are deeply related. Here's how to go inside and get at the root.
In this week's Mojo Moment, Vanessa Long shares how to still your anger + anxiety.
Madame Jeanne Guyon assures us that a general retreat inward will help eliminate anger + anxiety.