PowerHouse MasterMind

Hey there!

Here’s the big news: I am working with a small group of Owners for an entire year to build a sellable business that is on purpose, on Mission, and totally awesome.

Are you ready to create a *real* business that creates cashflow and profit and is utterly sellable? Then you must be ready for the PowerHouse Mastermind.

The power of 1-1 is exponentially multiplied in this 12-Month group mastermind. Far beyond the standard ‘build your business’ nuts and bolts programs, this Mastermind will neurologically change your mind andyour business.

We meet twice monthly online for block-breaking, re-writing our money stories, building strong business systems, turning the entrepreneurial dream into a sellable reality, and loads of implementation to help you develop the results you want in life and business.

What does it include?

Simply put? Everything I’ve got.

You get access to ALL my content, live coaching, my 8-day NLP training, and so much more…

Here’s a taste of the access you’ll have to recorded and live content to make sure you have what you need, when you need it:

  • Business Building Foundations 12-week mentorship (see more here)
  • Psychic Self-Defence
  • A Guide to Your Chakras
  • Simple Money
  • Values and Value Levels and How to Use Them
  • Divine Alignment
  • Empower Your Goddess Voice
  • The PARTY Goal Getting System
  • Relationship Foundations
  • Romancing the One, and
  • Sleep Well

Overwhelm? Not a chance. Because we’ll be working together in the calls, and in the private Facebook group, all you have to do is ask and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to move forward. Which course, which step, which money block… I’ll be walking with you through the whole thing.

It’s time…

Time to stop trying to cram your gifts and Mission into the way you’ve been told business should happen.

Time to stop feeling exhausted because making money is so frickin’ hard.

Time to stop putting off living while you build your livelihood.

Time to stop scrounging for crumbs because your marketing looks like everyone else’s.

Time to stop watching your body and relationships suffer while you beat your head against the wall.

Oh yes, it is definitely time for something new and liberating. Are you ready?

If something in you lights up at the idea of getting this whole business-thingnailed so that it brings you peace instead of anxiety and stress, book a chat with me here: vanessalong.youcanbook.me – or email me and we’ll hook it up.

No strings, no commitment, just you and me, chatting about where your business is, where you want it to be… and how we can work together to get it there.

Give yourself this gift, you and your Mission are totally worth it.