Empower Your Goddess Voice


A 6-Module Course to Discover + Empower Your Unique, Magickal Goddess Voice


Create Kick-Ass Branding and Messaging by Discovering, Empowering, and then Using Your Unique, Magickal Goddess Voice.

In this 6-week course we’ll work through creating this powerful hyper-branding tool, empowering her with full-colour, living details and a lifestyle that inspires Y-O-U so much that your messaging becomes infectious.

Once we have your Goddess Voice nailed, we’ll focus on creating social media content that is consistent, compelling, and so gosh darned charismatic that your Ideal Clients will hear your siren call and flock to you.

What is it?

  • 6 Modules
  • Workbooks that Hold Your Hand and Walk You Through Each Step
  • Meditations, Visualizations, and Mindsets that Get Your Unconscious Totally On Board

What are participants saying about EYGV?

“I have enrolled 2 new clients and attracted at least two more potential clients, along with collaboration partners… Often I’ll meet with people and it’s literally as though they’ve read through my notes and they’re just reading my own words to me. This work has really allowed me to magnetize clients and opportunities in a noticeable way.”

“I’m now way more clear about my niche, the results I deliver and probably the biggest thing I was shown was that every one of my clients who wanted a breakthrough has gotten one….and the clear signs of the clients who are more interested in hand-holding than growth.”

What is in each week? Here’s the break-down:

Pre-Work: Listen to the Goddess Voice Master Class – included! – 2 hours of training that will knock your perception of reality for a spin and show you how to market in a way you’ve never even considered – a way that works because it puts you in your power. This is the first time you’ll meet your Goddess Voice.

Week 1: Discover Your Goddess Voice

Powerful meditations and exercises to build a strong connection between you and your Goddess Voice.

Week 2: Empower Your Goddess Voice

Now that you know who she is, it’s time to add power to her Voice and explore how her presence is going to change your life in all the best ways. Combining the best of NLP and Chaos Magick to bring your Hypersigil Goddess to life.

Week 3: Share Your Goddess Voice

How to write for Facebook so that people will listen. How to use your Goddess Voice to market your brilliance and unique gifts. My Top 10 favourite types of Facebook posts and how to do each one of them. How to write HAWT Headlines and Seductive writing tips based on spiritual truths (so you know they work!).

Week 4: Offer Your Goddess Voice

How to structure and customize your offers so that your people will jump at them. We’ll also go into the realities of making offers. I’ll share my 2-Offer System to get you started right away so you know *exactly* what to say and how to price BEFORE you get someone on the phone.

Week 5: Fine-Tuning Your Goddess Voice

How to put Offers and Posts together in beautiful combination so that you are positioned as THE EXPERT in what you do. This week we’ll handle all the subtle little details that can sabotage your best marketing efforts if you miss them. Trust me, you’ll love this week because it’s the week where you’ll really see and feel the impact of all the work you’ve been doing.

Week 6: Embody Your Goddess Voice

We bring it all together and see how your Goddess Voice is the keystone for your Mission – the work that you want to do in this world. This is not a one-time thing, it’s a lifelong adventure of becoming the Y-O-U that you are meant to be.

“Before EYGV I really struggled to write content and copy that powerfully articulated the benefits of what I do for my clients. Vanessa’s grounded insight helped me pinpoint the magic that I actually use to help women transform their relationship with money. She helped me define who I want to be in my business by helping me connect with my hypersigil. My hypersigil’s perspective gives me the language I need to communicate with clarity, strength, and purpose to attract my ideal clients.”

“I love working with Vanessa. She is so present to my needs and doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is…”

“This is probably the most impactful course I’ve ever taken, at a fraction of the price of what I’ve invested in other courses.”

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