Make this the day that changes your destination by choosing a new direction. HARVEST will walk you through gathering, learning, and healing all that has gone before so that you can step cleanly and powerfully into the life you long for.


Are you ready to create something new in your life or business?

Then this is the course for you. Why? Because, before we create the new thing, we have to gather up all that we have been through, learn from it, and release it.

Simply put: if you don’t gather from your year, you’re doomed to repeat it.

Once we’ve Harvested what has been, we’re ready to create what we call a ‘Pivot Point’ – the moment where everything changes and you choose a new direction and destiny.

That’s what HARVEST will do for you.

It will walk you through the gathering, the learning, the releasing. And then it will help you to start PLANTING new intentions and goals for what you want to create.

Feeling stuck or sluggish?

Let HARVEST help you:

  • gather your energy back to you,
  • complete what needs completion,
  • release what needs releasing, and
  • prepare you for a powerful step toward your heart’s desires.

HARVEST will walk you through how to gather the facts, figures, and moments that matter so that your next year will build on, and be better than, your previous year.

It’s never too late to start planning and HARVEST will get you started and align you with the seasonal flows of energy that will bring more magic, manifestation, and miracles into your world.

Practical business knowledge with a magical twist? That’s what we do here.

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