Energy Hygiene for Empaths – Part I

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Are you energetically sensitive? Do you feel everyone’s ‘stuff’? Then you need these skills…


(aka Psychic Self-Defense)

I like to think of being an empath as being an energy sponge. As you move through your day, you pick up the ‘vibes’ of the people you interact with. These can be your colleagues, your clients, your friends, your family, and even random people you pass walking down the street or stand next to on the subway.

The thing about being an empath is you typically don’t even know you’re doing it, so you find yourself at the end of the day feeling exhausted, cranky, and ‘not yourself’.

Well, that’s why. You’ve picked up everyone else’s ‘stuff’.

This course will introduce you to the basics of what is called ‘psychic self-defence’ but what I prefer to call ‘energy hygiene’. It’s how to keep your energy strong and clean on a daily basis so that, if there ever is an attack (and we’ll talk about that, too), you’re able to deal with it in a healthy and efficient way.

What is included:

  • Access to the 3-hour Master Class – the recording is yours to keep forever, and
  • The Energy Hygiene for Empaths Level 1 Workbook


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1 review for Energy Hygiene for Empaths – Part I

  1. Pierre Bonhomme

    Having worked with Vanessa for a couple of years now, she encouraged me to attend this workshop, because she recognized within me the signs of an empath. Now, being a person of scientific background and rooted in fact, I was again quite skeptical of what she was saying. However, after taking the course and listening to what she described about the effects other people can have on you without even knowing it, I quickly realized that what she was saying was accurate and recognized the signs and symptoms she described. Through the course, I was able to learn a defense technique that I have been using every day to minimize these effects and can honestly say that it works!

    I would recommend this workshop to anyone who when surrounded by other people seem to feel off, tired, grumpy and want to be alone for reasons they don’t know.

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