Facebook Biz Page 5-Day Challenge

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Breathe life into your Facebook Business Page with this fun and practical 5-video training that covers content, branding, and more.

Class 1: Establishing Your Baseline. Real talk about what your Facebook Business Page can do for you, and what it can’t.

Class 2: Organic vs Paid Lead Generation. How we’ll set up our Facebook Business Pages for organic lead generation… and then paid marketing.

Class 3: Claim Your Space – Updating Your Page. A guide to your Facebook Business Page and what needs updating right now.

Class 4: Optimizing Prime Real Estate. How to create a compelling cover photo that flows with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Class 5: Perfecting Your Posting. Find your perfect posting frequency and dig into what to post to tell your story.

Breathe new life into the dusty bones of your Facebook Business Page.

Most of us have a Facebook Business Page and most of us have neglected it for months… years… at this point, it could be a decade since you set it up and then forgot all about it.

This 5-part video training walks you through why your Page isn’t performing the way you think it should, or the way you want it to, and how to streamline and update your Page to reflect your brand and become an integrated part of your social media marketing strategy.

Recorded live in 2019, updates have been added below the videos to make it current.

Bring your Facebook Business Page back from the dead and start flowing with the algorithm.