Tell Every Dollar Where To Go

You’ve Got to Have a Plan for Every Dollar

Do you tell your money where to go?

Not in a fist-shaking, ‘go to hell’ kind of way…

… though I’m sure we’ve all done that when we’re lost in the pits of despair that the clients and the money just aren’t flowing …

… or when the bills just keep arriving and piling up faster than we can possibly pay them off and we start to wonder what we did wrong in a past life that God would be punishing us so cruelly …

… not in a mad way.

But, as a leader.

Are you a leader for your money?

Do you have a plan?

Do you tell every dollar where it will be going and how it will be helping to build you a secure, fun, prosperous foundation?

If you don’t, I think you might want to start… asap.

Y’see, I’ve been doing a lot of work around money over the last several months, sharing what I find in the PowerHouse, and working to answer a question that I get all the time:

“How do I get the money to flow?”

Which is, really, more like these questions: “Where is the money hiding? Why won’t it come to play and stay with me? What do I have to do to be prosperous?”

And here’s what I’ve found: money is everywhere.

Money. Is. Everywhere.

money is energy and it's everywhere even if you can't find it

Because money is no-thing. It is not a thing.

It’s energy.

For YEARS, I’ve said that money comes to us on the Ray of Gratitude because that is what I was taught. 

And it’s true. Money does arrive in our world as a result of the gratitude that flows toward us for the service we provide to the world.

Money flows as a result of the positive impact we make. 

We make a bigger, more positive impact, and more money flows.

It is true. But it’s not the whole truth.

Like a lot of my beliefs, I’ve been carefully dissecting and examining the belief that money flows on gratitude, to see what is true for me now.

What I’ve realized is that, while money flows with gratitude, that isn’t the ONLY way it flows or the only energy that it resonates with.

Because money is not a thing – it IS AN ENERGY.

Money is a vibration. But not a specific vibration.

It IS vibration.

Money IS Vibration

And it will happily meet us wherever we decide to camp out, energetically speaking.

Money Meets Us Where We Are

Y’see, what I’ve come to realize, and this is still blowing my mind, is that money is an energetic mirror.

Money is a divine gift that reflects back to us our level of consciousness PLUS our level of development.

What I’ve realized is that money is quite possibly the easiest manifestation of our current level of consciousness and development. 

The easiest to see. Easiest to measure. To shift.

Money is a divine gift that reflects back to us our current level of consciousness

Money is incredibly fluid and we can shift our money situation IN AN INSTANT.

It’s amazing. I am truly awed by how powerful a teacher money is willing to be for us.

If we live in shame, our money will reflect that back to us.

If we rage all the time, our money will reflect that to us.

Refuse to have systems? Your money will display chaotic tendencies.

Refuse to have a budget? Your money will be sporadic.

Much like our children – especially children on the spectrum – for money to be predictable, it needs a predictable environment. 

For it to respect our boundaries, we’ve got to have them.

If we want money to hang around with us, we’ve got give it a good home.

We’ve Got to Make Money Feel Safe With Us

And that means creating a safe, disciplined, boundaried, inviting, warm, loving home for our money where the door is always open and we’re always happy to see it.

Weird, right?

I know. But this is what I’ve found…

If you don’t have a plan for your money. Like, a literal, written down plan for every dollar, then there is no reason for money to come to you.

And if you don’t have a strong investment plan, there’s no reason for money to stay with you, invite its friends, and multiply.

We are so messed up when it comes to our relationship with money.

We think it’s dirty, filthy, evil, hard to get, mean, dangerous…

… the list of limiting beliefs I’ve seen around money is endless.

Money can be simple. Money can be joyful.

If you’re serious about building a new world, you need money.


That’s just the way it is.

To be able to cut a cheque to your favourite causes without weeping, because it means you won’t be able to pay another bill… that is priceless.

To be able to support a political candidate you believe in is joyful.

Getting your spending addictions under control is empowering.

Shifting Your Money Mindset + Behaviours

Oh! There are so many lessons that money is here to help us learn.

And it isn’t always easy. That’s why having support is so important.

Yes, you want to create an abundance / prosperity / millionaire mindset.

Yes, the consciousness work is important.

But you’ve also got to make changes in your behaviour. You’ve got to put in systems.

You’ve got to show money that you’re all grown up now and that it can trust you to treat it right.

Improving your money relationship will improve every area of your life.

And it starts by having a plan to tell every dollar exactly where to go.

You can do this. You were made for it.

You’re here to build a new world.

And we’re here to help.

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tell every dollar where to go