You’re Here for a Reason

You Have a Mission and a Purpose

I believe that you’re here for a reason.

I believe that you have a sacred, passionate purpose to live out in this precious life.

That what you are here to learn and offer is very, very important.

As a result, I work with my clients every day to get them on purpose and explore what a life of purpose looks like for them so that they know that they know that they are winning.

I think it’s the most important work we can do: to figure out why we’re here and then live fully into that.

The Difference Between Mission and Purpose

To clarify, there is a subtle difference between our Purpose and our Mission, and they’re both important.

Purpose= why you’re here. It’s the reason why you’ve incarnated onto this Earth at this time in this place and in this body.

Mission= your unique expression of your purpose. This is the unique lesson that you’re here to explore and express and master in this lifetime.

You see, I think we all have the same general purpose.

Firstly, we’re here to love and grow and serve.

Secondly, we’re here to learn more about what it means to be human. To learn how to love other humans… especially when they are unloveable.

To paraphrase Kermit, “it’s not easy being human.”

Life isn’t easy. Earth isn’t easy.

Our lives are filled with fear and loss and pain and betrayal and shame and hurt and a host of emotions that make many of us question why we would ever choose such a rough incarnation.

I mean… why would I choose to be hurt? Why would I choose to suffer?

Why would I choose to have it be so hard?

And that’s where our Mission comes in.

That’s where all the training I received from Caroline Myss in Sacred Contracts comes in.

It’s where we have to step outside of our normal perspective and shift into what is called archetypal sight.

I don’t believe that you’re an accident. And, as hard as life can be, I don’t believe that what has happened to you is an accident either.

Sigh. This is so tough. It really is. We have to be tender here…

It can be hard to step back and look at our pain and suffering and see, really SEE, just what the gifts and the learnings and victories might be that are hidden inside of the wounds.

your mission is hiding in your wounds - let your power emerge

Our Mission Emerges From Our Wounds

And there are always victories inside of the wounds.

In fact, I’ve learned over the years that our Mission almost always emerges from our greatest wounds.

Your soul is wise. It’s vast. It’s beloved and supported.

You’re not an accident. Your life is not a mistake.

What has happened to you is not just a series of unfortunate glitches in the system.

We don’t live in that kind of Universe.

We live in an orderly, creative, and kind Universe.

And, for many of us, our greatest task while we’re here on Earth, is to really, truly remember that.

To softly, tenderly surrender into a full-body knowing that you matter. To know that you are here for a reason and that – even when everything seems wrong – that all is well.

That business that you want to build.

That relationship that you want to create or mend.

The health that has eluded you and you want to enjoy.

All of the projects that you’ve taken on that haven’t been finished.

All of the places where you judge yourself as ‘not good enough’ and ‘less than’.

There is hope.

There is a way.

Your Mission is your unique expression of your Purpose. 

What are you here for this time around? How are you meant to help build a better world?

Where Are the Gifts in Your Wounds?

And how have your wounds perfectly positioned you to do that world building?

How have they cracked you open and shown you a new way to live?

Where is the gift?

What have they made possible?

Who do you have to forgive? 

What do you have to release?

In short, we only have this one precious life to step as fully toward our glory as we can. How much more of it will you let slip by being afraid to show up and be seen?

Because we all have fears.

We all have stuff.

It’s up to each one of us to figure out WHY we’re here and HOW we can express our Mission in each moment.

How can we practice joy in deep grief?

Is it possible to express compassion when all we want to do is rage? 

And, how can we stay present and embodied in the face of fear and criticism?

Living fully in our Mission means leaning in to paradox and crafting something new.

Likewise, it means a new way of living and working and loving that has never been seen before.

And that can be terrifying.

But it’s why you’re here.

You’re here to build something new.

To build a better world.

To create REAL change – that 3rd order change that changes everything.

It’s true, you’re here for something very special.

And we’re here to help.

You’ve got this. You were made for it.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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you're here for a reason - you're here to build a better world