Why You Don’t Get Your Goals

… and how to change that dream-destroying situation now!

Last week, I was speaking with one of my very favourite 1-1 clients and I asked her, “Hey! Are you interested in the Seasons of Success because I’ve got this special offer happening.”

And she said, “Yeah! I’m totally interested! You know I love everything you do!”

… way to warm a girl’s heart … 😉

Then she said, “but, I’m not sure what it is… I haven’t watched all the videos and I’ve gotten behind on the emails this summer.”

And the light bulb went on over my head and I said, “uh oh! That’s a bad sign. And super-important.”


Well, if your very best and most intimate clients don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, then it’s likely that NO ONE really knows what you’re talking about.

Soooo, I was wracking my brain, trying to come up with a way to explain the HUGE amount of value that is the Seasons of Success and, really, how freakin’ monumental a shift this is in my world, when it dawned on me…

The Seasons of Success are a GYM for your manifestation muscles.

What are your manifestation muscles?

Well, they’re your goal-setting and goal-getting muscles.

Your ability to get stuff done muscles.

Your create REAL change – 2nd and 3rd order change – muscles.

Y’see, I’ve realized that the BIG reason most of us DON’T…

  • get what we want,
  • get the results we want,
  • finish the projects we want, and
  • build the life and business we want

… the reason is simple:

We don’t get what we want because we don’t have the stamina to finish the race.

We haven’t built up the neurology to…

conceive of a thing,

plan the thing, and

then DO the thing.

And this leaves us frustrated, poor, and increasingly disillusioned with our own seeming lack of power.

You've got to build your manifesting muscles if you want to get your goals

And here’s the truth:

It isn’t that you don’t have the capacity for power.

You, goddess, are MADE to create.

But, while you have the capacity for power, what you don’t have is the discipline for power.

You haven’t built the muscles for generating, holding, and USING that power to get what you want in a focused way.

And that’s what the Seasons of Success are for.

They’re a complete system to walk you through – with small group coaching and laser-focus from ME on YOUR GOALS! – every single step of setting and then GETTING your  goals.

It’s the PARTY Goal Getting System – that very first system I downloaded way back in 2012 and taught at every Ste. Anne’s Luxury Planning Retreat – broken down and laid out in every detail. The same system that I’ve used with my 1-1 clients and in my own goal setting + getting for years.

It’s my commitment to you to work with you to take your dreams and root them deeply into the ground so they can actually grow.

It’s creating divine alignment – cellular congruence – all the way from the highest heavens down to the lowest levels of your quantum vibration.

And it all starts with a decision:

Are you ready to work for your dreams?

Because it is work. It’s getting to the gym. It’s building the muscles of manifestation.

Building a new world where your Word is Law in the Universe.

It’s finally getting serious about your life and business and treating them like they matter instead of as something that a quick fix or magic bullet will transform.

I’ve learned that life doesn’t work that way.

If you want it to be different, you’re going to have to put in the effort. Period.

And that’s why I’ve created the Seasons of Success. To make that effort as easy, fast, and grace-filled as I can while ensuring that you build a solid, sustainable foundation.

No quick fixes. Just a lifetime of building and living your dreams.

I hope you’ll join us at this Introductory Special Rate – you can get it here until Saturday.

Remember: You’re here to build a new world.

And we’re here to help.

You don’t have to do it alone.

What questions do you have? How can I support you?

If you're ready to get serious about creating a life + business you love, you've got to get your manifestation muscles to the GYM!

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To get your goals, you've got to build your manifestation muscles