Your Business is Your Vibration – Part 2

Your Business Has an Atmosphere
… do you love it?

Okay… wow!… last week’s article really hit the mark. Several people wrote back to me, saying how much it resonated with them. How the archetype of the Wounded Healer rang true.

And how they’d experienced the self-sabotage we can get into when we sacrifice our own healing journey to help others.

And I know that for every person who took the time to write to me there were several who were similarly impacted but didn’t write.

(If you create content, you need to know that, too, by the way. Those brave souls who raise their hands and heads to be seen represent a vast silent majority. They aren’t quite ready yet to engage.)

Great! That’s why I do what I do. To help every one of you dig into and expose the soft underbelly of your woundedness. Once it’s in the light, we can do something about it.

We can’t do anything until we make it conscious.

And here’s the thing: I don’t want you to stop altogether (unless you need to) to focus 100% on your own journey… that’s usually just as much sabotage as focusing 100% on giving.

They’re both unhealthy.

Creating REAL Work-Life Balance

Unsurprisingly, what we’re looking to create is a BALANCE.

(y’all know how much I love that word)

A beautiful, healthy balance between work on self and work with others.

A magical balance. Where each pole – self and others – nourishes and empowers the other. A balance that creates a synergy of purpose and direction. One that takes you to levels of being-ness that you could previously have never imagined.

A balance where you use what you find in your clients and in your self. It feeds your work. You become the person who can hold the space for others.

You get to witness them transform into more of who they are meant to be.

It’s a journey that takes courage.

Your energetic vibration creates the atmosphere of your business. Do you love it?

The Courageous Journey of the Wounded Healer

It takes courage to be honest about where you are.

Courage to admit that, ‘yeah, there’s still stuff I need to work on’ and then go work on it.

It triggers all sorts of shame about not being good enough and not being worthy. All of the murky guck that we’ve accumulated in our deepest psyches. The whispers about what is good and acceptable and what is not.

When we fall into Shadow. When we listen to the chirpy little demons on our shoulders. That’s when we start to believe we can’t let anyone know that we still have work to do. That they won’t trust us anymore on their own journey.

To some extent, that’s true.


I know. I know. Not the most encouraging thing. I’d love to be able to say that you can show up as a big, hot mess and it won’t matter – but that’s not true. It does matter. For some very good reasons. I’m not going to blow smoke up your butt about this.

(what on earth does that phrase even mean? lol!)

The truth is that we live in a culture that is obsessed with perfection and perfect appearances. We’re all told that, if we just do enough work, we’ll arrive and then everything will be perfect and shiny and happy and healthy and lollipops and unicorn sprinkles and ALL THE THINGS that we’ve ever wanted will finally be ours.

It’s a lie. A shiny, hard-edged, judgemental lie.

A devastating lie.

We ALL Still Have Work To Do

And it traps us into acting perfect when we still have work to do. And we all still have work to do.

Which means that this feeling of desperate ‘trappedness’ radiates from us and permeates our life and our business.

Our soul and spirit yearn for wholeness. To be in integrity. To be completely honest.

When we feel we have to lie about where we are to get clients, our whole business becomes a lie. We become trapped by our fears about money, prestige, and survival.

As we sink deeper into desperation, we try to appear even more perfect and shiny.

(because that must be what we’re supposed to do, right?)

The incongruence between our appearance and our truth gets even bigger. As it does, the atmosphere we’re creating around us gets even more toxic. This pushes our ideal clients away even harder.

And we spiral deeper into despair.

The Spiral Down Into Despair

(ugh. Can you feel the weight of that? It’s an incredibly vicious cycle. From a spiritual warfare perspective, the enemy dances in glee with every healer and luminary it takes out with this strategy. One more light, snuffed)

Over time, our whole business becomes a lie.

And you cannot build a successful, sustainable business with a lie as your foundation.


But, it gets worse. Especially if you do truly value being of service in the world. Because this doesn’t only affect us as the Owners of the business… nope! It also affects the clients we work with.

And the Ideal Clients we never get to work with because they can’t even see us. Our hazy atmosphere of deception makes us invisible.

Because we’re working from a mindset of ‘I have to lie to be seen as perfect or I won’t be accepted’, that’s the meme – the mindset or atmosphere – that we create in our business…

(get this now, it’s super-important…)

… it means that every client we work with will become infected by this belief and…

(oh yeah, it gets even worse…)

Our Clients Are Our Energetic Mirrors

Our clients will literally be blocked from achieving the progress that they want. Why? Because to do so would violate the energetic contract you created with them when they stepped into your business.

Read that again. Let it sink in.

Your insistence on appearing perfect sabotages your clients. It stops them.

When your business is built on a lie, every client you sign on is agreeing to help you perpetuate – and on a deeper level, to work with you to resolve – that lie.


Your clients cannot manifest what you unconsciously believe to be wrong or dangerous.

Which means that they will not ever be able to succeed. Not at the level they could if you were living in integrity. Because you wouldn’t create an atmosphere where it’s okay – even celebrated! – to be succeeding and in progress.

And that sucks. Hard.

For me, as a Healer. As a Coach. As a massive Empath.

There is nothing worse than knowing that my refusal to be open and honest and in progress is harming my clients’ ability to succeed.

Do you see?

Can you feel it? 

Making Your Energetic Space Clean and Bright

As someone who has raised their hand to hold energetic space for others, it’s my job to make sure that that space is as spanky clean as possible.

It’s your job, too.

But, it’s more than making it safe. Safe can be a very dark and small space. A place to hide. That’s often the space where you go for therapy.

I have to intentionally create the atmosphere in my business that I believe will best serve my clients.

Which means I have to create that energetic vibration in me, because my vibration is what creates my business’ atmosphere.

Which means I am never done growing. I am never done healing. I am never going to stop.

Because I never want my clients to stop.

Do you see?

You Don’t Need to Be Perfect To Heal and Serve

I used to think I had to be perfect to serve my clients. I was afraid to let them see the real me. The me that was happening and evolving and working on it. Who was doing the best she could do make it work.

These days, I get that any belief I have around being perfect – instead of in progress – will only hurt my clients’ ability to succeed and grow and become.

Perfection creates a static frozen atmosphere where there are two states: broken or fixed. Now, I create and celebrate a warm, inviting, nurturing atmosphere. One where you can succeed wildly while working on your own healing and becoming-ness.

One of my Coach Trainers was obsessed with the ‘fixing’ part of the process. When I was in her high-level Mastermind, she was always sending us off to ‘get fixed’ in some way.

The belief she clearly communicated was that we could not succeed until we had ‘dealt with our stuff’.

And y’know what that created?

A whole load of people desperately trying to be ‘good enough’ and ‘fixed enough’ to make a few bucks. People who weren’t getting out into the world. Who weren’t making magic happen because they were so focused on getting ‘good enough’ to start.

No. Screw that.

That isn’t how it works.

Becoming Energetically Coherent

As I looked at the world around me I saw that there were millions of entrepreneurs crushing it. Men and women who were totally screwed up. Who were definitely not fixed. Who didn’t have access to the tools I had. But who were still making millions.

That’s when I realized that making money was not directly proportional to how many limiting beliefs I’d released or how many Breakthroughs I’d had.

(read that again, it’s important)

I didn’t have to be perfect to make money.

Not. at. all.

Neither do you.

And, yet, there is a subtle and powerful relationship between my state of energetic coherence and the business atmosphere I create.

There is a relationship between who I am being and the clients and the money that I attract.

There is a relationship between my state of wholeness and my ability to receive – and hold! – success.

The work I’ve done to become the best version of me I can be matters. It affects my ability to create and sustain a business that impacts the world. A business that operates in a healthy way for the long-term.

Building an Authentic Service Business

It’s not either-or, it’s both-and, and one more delectable paradox that we learn to hold as we grow.

(we’ll definitely talk about that in another article)

So, what I realized, and committed to do was build an authentic business. One that reflected the highest intentions and hopes and dreams and desires that I have for myself and my clients. And to do that to the best of my current level of development

To dream a great dream for myself and for them.

And then to do the work to make it happen.

With every turn up the spiral of development that I make, I open up that space for my clients. I create a new atmosphere.

Every time I become a new version of me – an upgraded me…

(and I am passionately committed to my own healing and growth so that’s a pretty regular thing)

… I create an upgraded space in which my clients can become and grow. Where they are met with compassion, grace, and a deep understanding of their soul’s yearning. And a witnessing of the fear that keeps them trapped.

These days, I’m doing my best to create a space that is:

  • warm,
  • inviting,
  • safe,
  • empowering,
  • magical,
  • infused with the Divine,
  • bright…

(there are no dark corners in which to hide)

My Energetic Ficus Plants

… with a few ficus plants to give it some pops of green.

(yup, I really do create a room in my mind where you come to meet with me when we talk)

And the most important part of this phase of my atmosphere is a renewed commitment to shining.

But, not, like, ‘shiny‘, y’know?

(I think that there is a real difference between that hard, brittle plastic feel of ‘shiny’ and the luminous, soft warmth of shining. The place where a woman activates her solar plexus chakra and owns her awesome. Where she expresses her divinely feminine ability to surrender, flow, and create.)

I create a safe place where you can practice nourishing and wielding your power.

Where judgement isn’t used against you like a sword.

Where you can cry and get really honest and let it all out. 

It’s a space where your deepest wounds can be met with discernment, grace, and magic, and morphed into your greatest gifts.

A space where we can play.

Transforming Shame Into Power

A space where shame is called out and transformed. I’ve learned that it will kill your dreams and keep you small forever if you try to repress and ignore it.

Where you can receive support while you become the woman that you were put here to be. 

A woman who changes the world.

Who works with others to remake our culture and society.

I work with game-changers. World builders. Generational chain breakers.

It’s why many of the Coaches that I’ve trained come back to me as they develop. Because they’re ready to step into their next version of themselves. And they want to do it in a space where their growth is celebrated and nurtured.

(which, by the way, is one more, very powerful reason for me to keep growing + becoming. I want to stay relevant to the amazing women I work with who are continuing to grow + become)

It’s what I do with my Mastermind and 1-1 clients. And we practice in the PowerHouse. If you’re ready to step into more power and a more vibrant life as part of your healing mission here on this beautiful little blue ball, head on over and join the PowerHouse today.

Stepping Into Your PowerHouse Self

Together, we’ll figure out how to get you where you want to go. We’ll support you to get the skills, systems, mindsets, and magic to make it happen.

TASK: Take a few minutes today to really feel into the energy that you’re putting out.

What kind of atmosphere are you creating? Do you love it? How would you like to shift the atmosphere? What work do you need to do to make it happen?

How do you need to resource? This isn’t about doing it all alone. 

You’re here to make a difference and the world needs you shining and powerful.

You can do this. We’re here to help.

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