Your Business is Your Vibration

(Part 1/2)

How is Your Woundedness Affecting Your Wealth?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about how our thoughts and emotions create a very real – and measurable! – energetic field that radiates out from us and informs everyone around us as to our real state.

We’ve learned that we’re being watched closely by everyone around us and that, even if we or they have no idea how they know, they’re still picking up what we’re laying down energetically.

And, finally, we’ve seen that it doesn’t matter how hard we try to be plastic and paste a shiny, happy smile and positive thinking over top of our internal turmoil, it’s still going to radiate through because it can’t not. 

Deception is not our natural state. Deception is not our natural calling. And deception is definitely not attractive. This is true in our day-to-day lives and it’s just as true in our businesses… especially when you consider yourself to be a heart-centred or transformational service provider.

Healer? Intuitive? Coach? Energy Worker? 1-1 Service Provider?

Yeah, if you want to succeed in those fields, you’ve got to have your energetic sh*t together. Period.

Of course, the irony is that it’s often the most wounded, most repressed souls who are called to work in exactly those same fields. Why? How does that happen?

The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. There’s an archetype called the Wounded Healer. This archetype, or universal energetic pattern, is destined to heal their own wounds, and the wounds of the world, by learning how to heal.

To learn what it really takes to heal.

This is certainly one of my strongest archetypes, and one that many of us in the healing professions share.

But, what often happens is that we stop short of our destiny and fall into a fated cycle of self-sabotage where we never get to where we need to be.

Here’s how it starts: at some point in our lives – and the earlier the better – we become aware that something is not right. That there is something happening under the surface that is sabotaging us in at least one area of our life. As we dig deeper we almost always see that it’s happening in every area because how we do one thing is how we do everything.

So, we become aware of this sabotage and we decide to do something about it. We start to research and reach out and book sessions with all of the ‘healers’ and ‘therapists’ and ‘coaches’ that we can find who seem to be saying something that relates to what we’re going through.

And it works! We start to slowly unravel the woundedness that we’ve been carrying. It takes a while. Usually a long while.

Why does it take so long to heal?

Well, what I’ve found is that the woundedness we carry is not new – it comes from ancient lifetimes past. It has been passed down to us through our lineage, the generations that have come before, and it seems to be embedded in the very energy field of the earth. 

It is deep. It’s old. And it’s in us – in every part of our cellular and energetic matrix.

So, we start to unravel it and we start to get excited. Something inside of us comes alive as we experience healing and we start to lean in.

We want more. To learn more. To become more. We want that power. That magic.

We want to DO it!

Shifting From Healing to Healer

And, so, we start to learn about it. More and more. And then we take a training or many trainings… because we kinda become junkies for it. That thing that is saving us. This whole new world that has opened up to us.

And it works! We’re loving it! We’re making progress!

And then we start to offer sessions on our own. We start to do the work on others. And it feels so good.


But, what also often happens is that as we start to focus on others, we forget about our own journey. Our own process and our own work starts to slip and our own daily practices start to fall away.

And we start to burn out. And our healing stops because we’re so busy focusing on others.

Because of this, we never get all the way to where we need to be: healed, free, joy-filled.

My Personal Story of Self-Sabotage

On a very mundane, very obvious, very physical level, this happened to me waaaaaay back in the early 2000s when I became a Personal Trainer. Y’see, I’d joined a gym and lost a swack of weight.

(mostly because I was angry at an ex-boyfriend, but that’s a different story)

So, there I was, at the gym, working out every morning. And I realized that to keep it going, it would be better if I worked at the gym because then I’d be there more often!

Brilliant idea, right?!!


So, I started working in reception, but me being me, it wasn’t long before I got the idea to become a Personal Trainer and actually start working with clients with all the cool, new stuff I’d learned.

And it worked. I quickly became ‘the morning girl’ and I had a full clientele and they were having great success and everything seemed hunky dory…


(you can see where this is going, right?)

Prioritizing Others Over Our Own Healing

But, what also happened was that I got super-busy in exactly the same time slot where I had been working out. My hold on my new, fabulous fitness routine was so tender, so… new, that I stopped working out on a daily basis.

I mean, I tried. I went full-time at the gym and I took classes and I did maintain for a few years. But, I never established that unconsciously competent, non-negotiable habit of a daily, repeatable workout just for me and eventually the weight (plus a whole bunch of its friends) came back.

There’s a lot more to that story. But, my point today is that, when you find a new thing that makes a huge difference in your world, the temptation is to jump in with both feet and get trained and then start to share with others.

Which is an incredibly subtle form of devastating self-sabotage.

The Subtle Self-Sabotage of Being a Healer

It feeds into all the places we’ve been told that we don’t matter as much as taking care of everyone else. Our focus shifts from ourselves to money and the world out there – too soon, too soon.

It allows us to stay unhealed, or only partially healed, while we focus on all the things required to run a business that serves the healing of others. It gives us the excuse – “Oh! I’m fine! I’m too busy to deal with that!” – to stay away from the deepest, darkest, scariest parts of the wound that we’re meant to be unraveling.

By avoiding these dark places, by not going deep enough and really doing the work required, it means that those deep Shadow vibrations of rage and self-loathing infuse every thing we do and affect our ability to truly, freely show up in the world and shine.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get your Ideal Clients?

Getting Stranded in Our Woundedness

Or why you seem to keep attracting the same income (or lack of income) or the same type of Victim-client to your business?

This is why. Your deep unconscious energetic field is bringing them in to show you where you still need to do the work.

It’s inescapable. It’s unavoidable.

And it’s part of the archetypal journey of the Wounded Healer.

If this resonates with you and you’re realizing that this is what is getting in the way of your business – and your life! – being where and what you want them to be, then you’re in the right place.

A Safe Space to Practice Being Visible

That’s what the PowerHouse is for: to give you a safe space to work on your own sh*t while you work to change the world. To give you a safe space to look in the mirror, see what you need to clean up, and then to do it.

Annnndddd… to give you a safe space to practice speaking, working, and being with power so that the work you do in the world can and will make a real difference and help to create a new Earth.

If you’re ready to step into more power and a more vibrant life as part of your healing mission here on this beautiful little blue ball, head on over and join the PowerHouse today.

You can do this. We’re here to help.

Together, we’ll figure out how to get you where you want to go and support you to get the skills, systems, mindsets, and magic to make it happen.

Stay tuned for next week, we’re going even deeper into how your vibration is sabotaging your money and your business.

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Your woundedness might be sabotaging your business.