Are you allowing yourself to evolve?

How to Shift Your Business – Part 2/?

Last week, I said this, “As you create the conditions for your clients to change and evolve, it’s totally natural that you will also change and evolve.”

And I have found that to be very true in my business and in my relationships.

Today, we’re going to look at how to shift gracefully into that new thing and bring your best clients along with you. I’m going to share a few of the mindsets and beliefs that I’ve used to support myself through the process.

So, let’s start with this:

Mindset: There will be bumps on the road and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

If I’d waited until I had everything perfect and I was sure that I could do what I was stepping forward into perfectly and I could let everyone know perfectly and all my ducks were in a row and ALL of that nonsense chatter that… well, I don’t know about you but I definitely get it in my head whenever I’m looking to do something new and different.

I want everyone to love me. I want to make everyone happy.

I’ve learned that I can’t. I really can’t.

At least, not if I want to be true to my Mission.

And my Mission trumps hurt feelings and the inconvenience that comes with change.

So, I’ve chosen to learn how to have difficult conversations and to end things that need to end. I used to be terrible at endings and now my clients compliment me on how cleanly I do them.

No enmeshment.

No co-dependence.

Allowing the Wheel to turn in abundance – far from scarcity.

What will be, will be.

If people choose to come with me, they will.

If they choose to find a new path – or someone else who will give them more of what they’ve been getting because that’s what they want…

… even if it hasn’t moved them to where they need to be, then they will do that.

We are all free-willed. We all have choice. And we all move at our own pace.

Which brings us to the next belief…

Mindset: I keep moving because I want to stay relevant to my best clients so I can continue to serve them.

Notice I didn’t say every client. I don’t believe you can continue to serve every client indefinitely. It’ll drain the life out of you as you’re pulled forward and back in your evolution by those who are running ahead and those who are content to stay where they are.

My growth is important to me. My evolution is part of who I am. 

Mindset: I am here to be become ALL of who I was created to be. I have a Mission.

And, because I have a Mission and I’m here to grow, I expect to change.

Mindset: I will resonate with some and not with others. My purpose is to resonate as high as I can at any given moment – not to please people.

It kinda sounds selfish, even to me. I’m focused on becoming all of who I’m meant to be. 

(but, it’s totally not selfish, and the next Mindset explains why…)

To continually be doing the work – unpacking ancient wounds and transforming them into light. Going into the shadows, seeing where my co-dependence lives, and bringing light to those places so I can become.

Become more free.

More liberated.



Mindset: My being on purpose and lit up – resonating as high as I can – serves the world at the highest level.

So, you see, when I focus on my own growth, it creates ripple effects out into the world (I’ve been teaching about this in PLANT) that create space for others to rise up to their highest resonance.

And, as I talk about in this week’s Mojo Moment, when we resonate at high frequencies, we see truth more clearly.

And more people seeing truth more clearly is a very good thing. At least, that’s true for me. It’s another one of my beliefs. 😉

So, here’s how it all shakes out in my head:

If I am stepping into a higher, clearer, more powerful version of who I am made to be, that will resonate with people who are also ready to step into higher, clearer, more powerful versions of who they are made to be.

They will lean in. They’ll be willing to invest. And they will be excited about the journey when I share with them what’s happening for me.

Then, when it’s the right fit and timing, they will come on that journey with me.

I can trust in the process. (that’s another belief!)

Those people who aren’t yet ready to make the leap into who they’re made to be?

They won’t. And we’ll complete. We’ll have closure.

Someone else will serve them. Oooh! That’s another mindset:

Mindset: People will find what they need. I do not have to be their saviour.

It’s not my job to be all things to all people. It’s my job to be true to myself and my evolution and then to invite people on that journey with me.

People will land where they need to be. It’s not my responsibility to save anyone. In fact, believing that you do have that responsibility are the Rescuer and/or Martyr archetypes at play and they create massive co-dependence.

I do my best to stay out of that and let people discover and experience their own power.

Sometimes finding our own power looks like staying stuck in our stuff until we’re so sick of it that we’re willing to do the thing that we’ve been too scared to do. Yup, sometimes we need disgust to get us moving. We need emotional juice – and strong negative emotions like anger and disgust have a lot of juice. We can use them.

And, once we’re moving, the Universe rushes up to meet us.

And it can be so hard to watch people wallowing but I’ve learned that it, too, is part of the Divine process of growth and becoming… we have to respect where people are.

I’ve also had clients work with me, go somewhere else and get resources there, and then come back when they once again resonated with what I was offering.

It’s all part of the adventure – all part of the flow.

You can trust that when you are focused on your own work and serving from where you are, that the right people and opportunities will show up.

You can choose to trust that. I find it makes it a lot easier. In fact, let’s make that our last Mindset for today:

Mindset: I can trust that the Universe is for me and surrender to Divine flow + timing. I can give up the illusion of control.

Seriously. It makes it SO much easier to drop the title of Micro-Manager of the Universe and just focus on your own area of responsibility.

Next week, I’ll share how I’ve transitioned numerous times and brought along the best parts of me, with me.

Remember: You’re here to build a new world.And we’re here to help.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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