You Broadcast Your Feelings

You Can’t Hide What You’re Feeling Inside

All right, today, I want to talk about something a little delicate.

I want to talk about your cleanliness. Your vibrational hygiene. And how it’s impacting everyone around you.

Because it is.

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Dr. David Hawkins’ Attractor Fields

This week’s quote is from Dr. David Hawkins and, in his book, Power vs Force (US Amazon), he talks about something called ‘attractor fields’, which are the energetic resonances created by the calibrated levels of consciousness.

(okay, that was a lot of jargon, let’s break this down…)

(oh! but, just before they do that, let me toss in that attractor fields are equivalent to the morphogenetic fields that Rupert Sheldrake hypothesizes… for those who are into that kind of thing)

Okay, here’s the deal:

Your body creates electro-magnetic fields.

Your brain creates an electro-magnetic field – it’s what we measure when you go to the hospital to get an EEG.

And, your heart creates a much larger electro-magnetic field – it’s what we measure when you go to the hospital to get an EKG.

(crap! and I was trying to get out of jargon… okay, just bear with me for a minute here while I get science-y)

There are electrical currents flowing through and around you all the time and they produce the electro-magnetic fields. That’s what electrical current does. And electrical current is what powers our nervous system.

Why am I telling you this?

Energy is a Real Thing that We Cannot See

Because I want you to get that this is a REAL thing.

It’s a REAL thing that gets measured. It’s a REAL thing that radiates out from you and creates an energetic field that vibrates and swirls around you.

YOU are a walking electro-magnetic field generator.

And different emotional states produce different levels of electro-magnetic vibration.


Yeah. It’s been shown by researchers that different emotional states – the levels of consciousness that Dr. Hawkins refers to as attractor patterns – create different wave patterns in your heart and mind rhythms. 

How you feel literally impacts how your heart and mind function.

And then, those different resonances radiate out in a vibrational ‘cloud’ all around you.

Have you ever ‘felt it’ when someone was in a bad mood?

When a couple had been fighting but stopped the moment before they walked through the door?

If someone was clearly hiding something because you could… just ‘feel’ it? Or see it, even though they were doing their best to smile? Or hear the tension?

Ever hear the phrase – you could cut the tension with a knife? 

Yeah. That.


You Have Been Gifted with A Finely-Tuned Communication System

We are all extremely sensitive instruments of vibration creation and perception.

We pick up EVERYTHING with our Unconscious Minds… 

(which, by the way, is exactly why I created Energy Hygiene for Empaths – so you could keep yourself clean from all the energetic ‘stuff’ you walk around picking up throughout the day – it’s what I teach my 1-1 clients when they’re learning how to manage their energetic sensitivity)

… and we are constantly broadcasting everything we’re feeling, also with our Unconscious Minds.

Because it’s unconscious, it means we don’t have conscious awareness that we’re doing it…

(not until we make the unconscious conscious, at least, and step into that higher level of self-awareness)

… and the people around us also do not have conscious awareness that they’re doing it.

But we all are.

All the time.

You’re Radiating Your Feelings All the Time

And, so, whatever it is you think you’re hiding. Whatever trauma you’re repressing and just trying to get past.

Whatever grief you’re holding onto that you’re trying to convince everyone you’ve processed.

And whatever RAGE and GUILT and SHAME that you’re feeling every frickin’ minute of every frickin’ day?

Yeah. We all know about it.

Your kids will mirror it back to you.

Your spouse will mirror it back to you.

Heck, even your pets will  mirror it back to you.

And your business will definitely mirror it back to you.

It will do so through your employees, your clients, and your results.

They will all show you exactly what vibration you are REALLY sending out there.

No matter how hard you try to hide it with happy, shiny smiles and positive affirmations.

Do you get it?

You Have to Be Willing to Do the Work

You have to do the work if you want to change this.

Not just plaster on a fake smile and ‘try’ to hold it together.

You’ve got to go deep. You’ve got to go into shadow.

And you’ve got to find a reason to come back out the other side with more wholeness, more joy, and more resilience than what you had when you went in.

You’ve got to BECOME more of who you are meant to be.

You’ve got to want more for yourself and your children and your spouse and your business.

And, you’ve got to want to want it bad.

Because, otherwise, you’ll just keep choosing the easy lies that it’s ‘not that bad’ all while your world melts down around you from the toxic energy that you’re putting out.

I don’t take this stuff lightly.

I have seen repressed, ignored, Shadow energy destroy people’s lives. Again and again. Hidden addictions, hidden rage, hidden shame.

We all have them! It’s not just you. You’re not broken. You’re not uniquely screwed up and bad.

(though, that’s what the chirpy little demons like to say… y’know, the ones who sit on our shoulders and tell us that we ARE broken and we ARE bad and we ARE unworthy)

We’re all human. And we’ve all got stuff.

The question is not: do you have stuff?

The only important question is: What are you going to do about the stuff you have?

The answer to that question is WHY I do what I do. It’s what I do with my clients every day. And it’s WHY I think we ALL need a Breakthrough (even if it’s not right now).

We All Need Spiritual Housecleaning

We ALL need a clean-up and we ALL need to maintain that cleanliness on a regular basis.

(I think it’s one of the main reasons why so many of my 1-1 Breakthrough clients end up doing the Prac training with me! It’s the kind of power that, once you feel it, you want to get your hands on how it works.)

You don’t just clean your house once and expect that it’ll stay clean forever.

(wouldn’t that be nice, though)

And it’s the same thing with your energetic, spiritual housecleaning. This is a process. A system. A cycle. And a commitment to do what needs to be done – on a regular basis – to keep yourself clean.

In my opinion, it’s the work that matters most. It’s HOW we get into Divine Alignment, and stay there.

Want help getting clean? Apply for a Discovery Session here.

We’ll figure out how to get you where you want to go.

Stay tuned for next time, we’re going deeper into how your vibration is sabotaging your money and your business.


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