You Vibrate With Power

… You Were Made for This

This week, I’ve started a new thing: Mojo Moments.

They’re short and sweet YouTube videos designed to give your energy levels a boost each Monday.

(my goal is less than 5 minutes and y’all know how much I like my words so it’s a miracle that this is working!) 😉

In them, I share a quote that inspires me and then do a quick teaching to anchor the power of the quote into your body. They actually lift your energy and amplify it – higher and more – to give you a double-lift.

You can watch the first one here.

Videos and Visibility Triggers

And, yes, I feel super-vulnerable showing up on video…

(and, yes, they are crazy-hard to make… so much harder than writing!)

Yes, it’s triggering all of my ‘visibility’ issues that I’ve shared about before and, yes, I did ask some of my besties to watch the video and give me some love because, whew!, it takes my breath away.

(and, yes, I can see about 400 things I want to change in future videos so I’ll be doing that)

But, this particular story of mine has started to get old. It’s tiring to always believe that it’s dangerous to be visible. I’ve finally had it with the self-sabotage that comes from always stopping short of what my soul is desiring.

Thank goodness!

It’s Boring to Hide Because of Fear

I’m done with hiding. Of not shining and not inspiring and not reaching into the darkness to change the world because of an ancient fear that has been riding me for who knows how many lifetimes!

(actually, one of our NLP techniques does allow us to go back and see just how many lifetimes it has been…)

And I’m super-done with having this yearning inside of me to show up and shine and get my message out there while at the same time handcuffing myself by staying small and hidden. 

So… yeah, there’s a lot shifting over here and a lot of new things happening and I’ll be sharing those over the coming weeks as they move from planning to manifestation.

Success takes risk. Over and over again. In small and big ways.

And it all ties back to this week’s quote and something I said in Harvest and Pivot Point… in fact, I said it a lot.

You were made for power - you vibrate with it.

Remember: You can do this. You were made for it.

My quote this week was from one of Barbara Huson’s (prev. Stanny) books, Secrets of Six-Figure Women (US Amazon) that I use as a resource in my coaching. In it, she says,

“A woman afraid of her power is like an eagle afraid of its wings. We were born to use power. It’s who we are, why we’re here, how we make our way in the world.”

Barbara Stanny, Secrets of Six-Figure Women

Power is Who We Are

It’s Why We Are Here.

Just breathe that in. Is it exhilarating? Scary? Maybe a bit of both…

Or maybe it doesn’t really resonate at all because you’ve never really thought about power. Or you suffered from the ‘power over power plays’ that were used against you. Maybe, you were told, as a woman, that you shouldn’t have power.

Power is a complicated topic at the best of time, and there are added layers when you’re a woman in a patriarchal, feminine-fearing culture.

Just know that it’s okay. It’s okay to have it be complex. 

And it’s okay for you to BE powerful.

This theme is something that runs through a lot of the work that I do. I created Discovering Your Passionate Purpose because I believe that you are here for a reason. That you are a soul on a Mission and your body is the Divine Temple that houses your soul while you carry out that Mission.

I believe – no, I know – that you are power-full.

Yes, it requires some belief.

Definitely some trust.

Living on Mission Requires Surrender

And it requires a whole lot of surrender to let go of what you think you should be doing, and the busy-ness that our culture rewards, to create space to get swept away by the flow of your destiny.

But, it’s what you were made for.

You were born to use power.

Born with power. 

You were born power-full.

I truly believe that our job as humans, especially Western women, is to learn how to build, use, and nourish that power. And to change the world with it.

We need to do it so that when we commit to something, or set an intention or a goal for something, or, yes, get tired of an old story and decide that we want to step into a new story… that we can.

(honestly, I think creating both Harvest and Pivot Point in the same month broke those old patterns in me. I mean, you can only talk about change and power and how to do it for so long before it changes you and forces you to look at your own stuff, right? Right!)

It’s a New Day and a New Chance to Become More of Who You Are

You can create a Pivot Point. Every day, you can change from the old story into a new story that is filled with power and joy and freedom and light. For instance, right now you have a new opportunity to become more of the you that you want to be.

Right now, you have a new chance to become more of the world-builder that you were meant to be.

More of the PowerHouse.

More of the light in this world.

And, even if it’s scary, the truly good news, is that it’s who you are – you were made for it.

So, take a deep breath with me today, in…. and out…. Then, ask your soul how she would like to become more of you today.

And, then, do it.

Help the people your soul longs to serve.

Make the offer.

Close the deal.

Make the call.

Clean the room.

Wear the lipstick.

Hug the child.

Write the book.

Whatever it is that your soul is crying out for in the deepest desires of your heart, take at least a baby step toward it… today.

I’ll be over here, doing the same.

And, if you want support to have it happen faster and more easily, that’s what I’m here for.

Remember: You were made for this.


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